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I Laughed and I Cried and I Googled Photos of Train Wrecks

I’m honestly not quite sure whether to laugh or cry right now.  So I did a little of both.  I was prepared to find some non-graphic train wreck photos for the end of this road trip, but then the Giants, of course, go and finish it only a game and a little .5 behind the Diamondbacks.

Cute photo anyway, right?

I just have no idea what to say.

I am speechless.  For once.

Expect for, Put Brandon in the lineup, cupcake-heads!  (Cupcakes are great.  But not for someone’s head.)

Okay.  Speechless other than that.  I am glad they are coming home, that’s for sure and, for some bizarre reason, I am fully prepared to believe that things will get better from.  Really, whatever happens from here, they did stay very much in contention through that Week from Hell.   It’s almost Monday and the Padres are coming to town for a two-gamer (why, Selig?  Why?).  It’s still the Dog Days and this is totally and utterly doable.

Really going to be quiet for a while now.

Diamond Girl

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Who Are These People and What Have They Done With the San Francisco Giants?

No, really.  This is so shocking it isn’t, you know?  They’ve been so dismally lame the past few games that of course they come out in the series finale and score eight runs.

Whiteside didn’t participate in this particular party, but otherwise everyone hit.  And we denied Arizona the sweep, which was good.  They’re still only one game back, now, but one game is better than a tie.  And an 8-1 final is better than just about anything.

I actually missed most of the game because I was standing in line at 3rd street and Mission, aka the offices of Comcast SportsNet.  It was post-game BBQ day and since I missed it last year, I felt I was my moral duty to go.  Not to mention I am absolutely and utterly in love with panoramic cameras and couldn’t miss the opportunity to see one.

And how did the panoramic repay my affection?  By catching me and The Sister looking cynical and dour while Ashkon did his whole rapping (“Let’s go Giants” over and over and over”) thing.  The Niner cheerleaders walking around made me retract anything I may have said (cough, cough) about cheerleaders and baseball because, really, more is less with makeup.  Otherwise, they threw a nice postgame party.  If Ashkon promises to get some new rap lyrics, I will back next year.

And hopefully the Giants will be back next year (and tomorrow?) hitting like that.  Even in half.  Four runs would be totally good with me.  See?  I’m not as high-maintenance as I seem.

Diamond Girl


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Chill The Heck Out, 2.0 and the Lowdown on Dem Seagulls

First of all, happy belated to Madison!  His pitching makes me happy, first inning meltdowns and all.  I hope he had a lovely day.

Now on to what Twitter is generously calling the #majorfunk.  And well, no, that is not how we wanted to start what may be the Biggest Series of August.  Then again, Cainer’s bad day was 5 earned runs over 5.2 innings (could be worse, right?) and Cody made a what-could-be-a-fluke-but-I-hope-not-pitch to continue leading off.  Aubrey hit a home run, too.  This time I am really truly not saying anything about this being a sign of him snapping out of anything.

Still, basically, the offense did things.  Which they do not usually do.  The Diamondbacks had one big inning and that was that.  That, people, is not a Major Funk.

This is a transition time of year- into the beginnings of stretch run baseball- as well as for the team who has a bunch of new people in the lineup.  It would be fabulous if they could have all come in and torn it up in their new home, but the standings on August 2nd are just that: the standings on August 2nd.  Give me two more against these Diamondbacks.  Then I may be panicking.  Or, hopefully, saying “I told you so”.  Time will tell.

And what can I really say about the Zito “injury”?  Just that this video of him explaining something that really may or may not exist makes me pretty darn sad.

Before I go, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Something I’m afraid to say, actually.  Remember, eh, Timmy’s August last year?   Oh, you blissfully blocked out that memory?  Then we have nothing to worry about.  Right?  Right.  But yeah.  I’m a little jittery.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Did you read about the potential falcon that the Giants are thinking of installing at the ballpark to scare away the seagulls?  I am way more excited about that than I should be.  I love falcons.  Then again, it seems like a bit of a round-about way to scare Dem Seagulls away.  And would one falcon really have that effect?  I need to dig out my over-abundance of bird-books from my bird-obsessed childhood.  I also think it might make CSN mad, because they do absolutely endless little features about the seagulls.  Now how would they fill the air time?  Things to consider, Giants.  Things to consider.

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May I Respectfully Suggest a Few Things to Jonathan Sanchez?

The San Francisco Chronicle’s story about yesterday’s Giants was titled “Giants finally get a break”.  The sentiment is widespread.  Which is why every time I look at the National League West standings I have an Am I really reading this right? moment.  The Giants are in first place, a game ahead of the Diamondbacks.  Sure, part of it is that the West in not a strong division this year, so far (Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles and San Diego are all 5-5 in their last 10, the Giants are 6-4).  But you also can’t deny that despite the fact that they look like a limping AAA team at times, they do win ballgames.  Which is, of course, the bottom line.

Jonathan Sanchez is the quintessential example of this and I spent yesterday evening with more forehead rubbing.  He let in two runs over 6 innings.  He gave them a chance to win and they did.  So I’m not complaining.  But he felt like a train wreck while he was at it.  May I respectfully suggest that he cuts the drama classes from his extracurriculars and tapes this up next to his bed?

You can never repeat the basics too many times, right?

Being a baseball fan is a full time job.  This, you know.  Being a Giants fan?  Sort of a life’s work.  So the day off is nice.  Still, I don’t envy the players.  They’re headed to Arizona, where the highs over the coming three days are 104°, 107° and 105° respectively.  Could mean good news for Aubrey, but I, for one, am glad Foul Weather Timmy will be on the bench until the Oakland series.

And to Todd Coffey and his unfortunate capris

We all have bad fashion moments.  And we all know players aren’t responsible for their own uniforms.  That delivered with a meaningful look to all the Eugenio Velez haters out there.

Diamond Girl

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Why I am in the Radnich Camp, Celebrity Sightings, Dave Flemming’s Coat & Why Mat Latos was Right

I went to the Giants vs. Diamondbacks game last night and also watched FP Santangelo and Rich Aurilia doing Chronicle Live, the Giants pre-game show.  You know how everyone has been saying the energy level at the stadium is really high?  I didn’t notice that as much inside as outside, on Willie Mays Plaza.  It was electric out there.  That might have had to do with the lights and mics and cords everywhere, but I prefer to think that it had to do with the crowd’s mood.  Mid-way through, a man in a suit started weaving through the crowd.  As he walked past me, I had an Omigod, is that…?  moment.  It was Gary Radnich, about to go on air with Chron Live.  Being the chicken that I am, I needed a little egging on, but I eventually asked him to sign my ball and he was very friendly and his unmistakable voice is even more unmistakable in person.  He told me that he can only stand Ralph Barbieri once a month, which I basically get, and posed for pictures and was totally nice to everyone.  I am firmly in the Gary Radnich camp from now on.  If you don’t like his show, switch your dial to 102.1 KDFC.  It’s what all the radios in my house were set to, until I changed them to KNBR 680.  Needless to say, there was some resistance to that.


FP, the groom, with his best men.  That’s what their suits looked like.

Other celebrity sightings of the day are…

-          Dave Flemming, in the dugout wearing this beautiful, black coat.  He is the best dressed broadcaster, for sure.  I seriously nearly fainted when I saw him, just 20 feet away or so.  I listen to him every day.  I love him.  And his coat.

-          John Shea, in the press-box.  On computer.  Looking riveted.

-          Sean Astin.  Who I, sadly, did not actually sight.  But he was there.  That almost counts as a sighting, right?  I am not waiting for your answer on that one.

-          The Public House Patio.  That place is legendary.  It counts as a celebrity.  This was the first time I saw it.  Have not been on it yet, but that’s my next goal.

My brother also got a ball from Ramon Ramirez and I got a Darren Ford autograph.  Those don’t count as sightings though, because they weren’t incidental.

It was also save #47 for Wilson.  ::Cue House of Pain::


This really deserves its own blog post but I want to talk about it in a timely way: Mat Latos’ controversial quote to the press.  “Baseball works in funny ways.  The only way I could honestly put it is, we could be like the Giants and go and change our whole lineup, put guys with ‘San Francisco Giants‘ across their jerseys.  We didn’t.  “We added two guys (Miguel Tejada and Ryan Ludwick).  We’ve been the same team all year.  We haven’t just gone and grabbed guys from other teams.”  You can hate me forever for saying this, but I basically agree.  It’s actually okay with me.  That’s how baseball works and it doesn’t make me angry, but it does make me a little bit sad.  The line-up is so different from opening day that it feels a little strange when Cody Ross hits a homerun.  Should I really be cheering for this guy?  For me, there’s no chemistry with the new guys (Cody Ross, Jose Guillen, Mike Fontenot, Pat Burrell are who I consider the new guys).  Everyone says the chemistry in the clubhouse is good, which is obviously what matters but I honestly have a hard time believing that.  I imagine some days it would feel like, Who are these guys, anyway?

I don’t think Latos was having sour grapes.  I think he was speaking his mind to the press, which may or may not have been the best thing to do right now, but I do agree with him.  What do ya’ll think?  And who’s going to listen to Uncle Gary tomorrow?

Diamond Girl


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