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A Word for Billy Beane and Five Things About 2012 to Get Excited For

I admit it: I do not know quite what Billy Beane was thinking with yesterday’s trade, which sent Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow to Arizona.  (Strategically done, of course, after the Winter Meetings because Beane is a spoilsport and doesn’t like doing things at the most dramatic time of year.  Excuse me, I’m in a bad mood with him right now.)  Looking at it unbiased, I would say it’s a gamble on the A’s part, but maybe a gamble that could pay off.

But I do have that bias.  Why, you ask?  I am not much of an A’s fan and really, really not a Diamondbacks fan.  But I am a Giants fan (duh, right there).  And that trade probably just made Arizona, oh, a thousand times better for 2012.  Really?  No slack for your across-the-bay-buddies, Billy?  I may have to renounce my Moneyball/Billy Beane love right now.  Jon Daniels so just got the Best-Dressed GM Award back, without even wearing any fabulous clothes.

After reading up on that trade, I went to look at Rangers news, but that was basically depressing too.

I told you I was having post-Winter-Meetings depression.

I figure if I’m all baseball-depressed, then everyone else must be with me.  So I’ve decided to list 5 things us Giants fan should be excited about for 2012!  Because aside from facing Cahill tons, there really is a lot to get stoked for.  Ready?  Okay.  You sure?  Okay.

5.  Vogelsong/Strong.  Vogey’s amazing breakout year in 2011 was… for lack of a better word, rather amazing.  Being the skeptic that I am, though, I want to see more of that before I go all ga-ga (not in the Lady sense).  I think we’re all really curious to see what he’s going to follow it up with and I, for one, am getting excited already.

4.  All the new wedding rings on the field.  They’ll glint.  In the stadium lights.  I think. 

3.  Angel Pagan.  Yes, I said it before, but I’ll say it again.  He has a fabulous name.

2.  Freddy Sanchez.  Picture him playing ball.  With just that image, are you not excited now?!  I am beyond, beyond excited to have him back out for the Giants.  Things are just sure to get better with him at second base.

1.  [insert cheesy line here about the smell of freshly mowed grass and hot dogs and the crack of the bat]

0.  This bonus one goes to The Dark Knight Rises.  I liked Batman Begins much better than The Dark Knight, to be perfectly honest, and unfortunately, Liam Neeson does not appear to be reprising his role in the new one (I mean, he was in a massive train explosion, but I don’t assume he’s dead) but I’m stoked to go back to Gotham City all the same. 

And, well, duh, The Hobbit.  But that’s so near the end of 2012 that it might as well be 2013.  Still, I am just about swooning over it already.

There we go.  This post just went from “Completely Depressing” to “Basically Upbeat”.  The movie talk and the cheesy line probably helped.

Diamond Girl


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Drawing Skulls and Editing Tombstone Photos, aka The Morbid Post

This time of year in baseball is precious.  Part of me hates it and misses those carefree spring games, but there’s also no feeling quite like watching clinching games, whether or not you like the teams.  It’s magical.  And it reminds me of the Giants last year.  And then I get sad all over again.

I’m actually really happy with how all the divisions have turned out.  In the AL, I like the Yankees, Tigers, and Rangers, and will be pretty happy with any outcome there, as long as whoever gets the Wildcard (Boston, Tampa Bay or Anaheim) gets eliminated in the first round.  Hey, I still think the Wildcard should be wild.  We need to get that on Bud Selig’s desk, don’t we?

In the National League, I can’t stand the Phillies or Diamondbacks but am super stoked for Milwaukee.  We shall, of course, have to see about that Wildcard.

Anyhow.  3-1 against the Diamondbacks feels like the story of this year.  It’s just a bit heartbreaking to watch, really, because the Giants do feel maddeningly close to being good, really good, but just not quite there.  It may be desperately preemptive, not to mention morbid, of me to say RIP 2011 Giants, but didn’t that feel an awful lot like The End, last night?  Or was it just me?

I was seriously up at 1:54 this morning, unable to sleep, drawing skulls.  So it may just be me.  Hopefully.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Moneyball-day-after-thoughts?  Billy Beane did so go to college.  You lied, movie.  You totally lied.

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Yes, This Post Is Titled Brett Pill

Were you surprised?  Seeing as Brett Pill could probably run for mayor of San Francisco (or even governor of California, what with all the disillusioned Dodger fans) and win by a massive landslide, I figure I should probably blog about him.

Well, that and the fact that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIM AND HE IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THE GIANTS.  Okay, sorry about the caps.  I try to avoid that.  But Pill is rather a special case, you know?

He was one of the September call-ups, which is to say he was something along the lines of an afterthought for a team that had just been labeled “Out of contention- move right along”.  Apparently, he read that label to say, “Tear it up, kid!  We have a pennant to win!”  Not that I mind.  I’m just surprised.  And impressed.  Very, very impressed.

The series against San Diego certainly went better than I had expected coming in, even though today’s finale was a bit (a bit?) of a let-down.  The whole “see-ball-hit-ball” thing seems to have gone bye-bye.  No matter.  The team is playing a whole lot better and as of right now- and this is sure to change before I post this, just ‘cause- the Rockies are beating the Diamondbacks.  Which doesn’t help tremendously, seeing as this pesky thing called math says with each passing day it is becoming harder for the Giants to catch up, but I was never good at math anyway so I’m just ignoring it.

The point of diving into the lake and all that.  Right?  Right.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Brett Pill! 

Okay, fine.  Finished now.


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It’s Okay, I Hate August Too

I really do.  I mean, what is there to like about August?

Not the too-short too-tight clothing

Not the summer fruit that is not so fresh anymore

Not the fact that summer is getting old fast

Not the dog days of baseball

See what I mean?  It’s totally understandable that the Giants would dislike that month.  But what is there to like about September?

The fresh fall fashion

The chilly breezes and brightly colored leaves

The pumpkin lattes

The stretch-run baseball

A lot.  In a nutshell.  And the Giants started off this lovely month with a bang, with a 6-2 victory over them Diamondbacks, narrowing the gap to the division lead and overall providing a serious morale boost.

Last night felt an awful lot like they were finally breaking out of something and I am massively, massively stoked (Beltran can hit!  No, really!  He can!).  I’m also happy about the ways Keppinger has found to contribute.  I wasn’t a huge fan of him, at first, but he’s really made himself beyond useful.  And he’s a misfit and a castoff and all that, so he fits in well.

Tonight is the matchup of the aces, Lincecum vs. Kennedy which is sort of scaring me, to be honest.  Remember when I said that I bake when I’m nervous?  Let’s just say in the last 24 hours I have made a) a massive batch of brownies b) 25 chocolate chip cookies c) fifteen jam filled cookies. 

It was all for a bake sale, but it certainly helped with the whole nerves thing.  I’ve also been drawing version of this adorable Miss Dior Cherie ad in my notebook.  As long as my hands are busy, I can live through this- yep, I’m going to say it- torture.  Join with me.  We can do this.

::breathes in, breathes out::

Diamond Girl

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The September Issue(s)

I spent the better part of yesterday late-afternoon reading the September issue of Vogue.  All 758 pages of it.  I repeat, 758 pages.   I mean, yes.  A good 80% of it was ads, but ads are interesting too.  Color is back, Kate Moss had the most beautiful wedding in the history of the universe and all the high fashion brands are still doing hideous 20s hair in their ads.  And Marc Jacobs has gone officially gone off the deep end with his campaign with Helena Bonham Carter.

Which is all to say that it is most definitely time for some Giants baseball.

The Giants are certain to have some September issues of their own- and not necessarily in a good way- but either way we are now totally in the home stretch of the season, the young guys are up with the Major League club and I am so ready for this series against Arizona.  I think this has replaced the Chicago series as the Most Important Series of the year and what better time/place for that than a Friday night in the city?  Excited does not even begin to cut it.  The lovely new and improved Giants are taking the field and I cannot wait to see what happens.

And by the way?  I was smiling and giggling over the whole Giants-are-honey-badgers-because-they-eat-snakes thing until I googled honey badgers.  I imagined them as vaguely mythical and most certainly adorable creatures, because of the “honey” in their name, I think.

Uh, no.

I am going to have nightmares about these things.  That’s not even the creepiest photo I saw.  Can the Giants just be unicorns or something?  Please?

Diamond Girl

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