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My Own Dreamy Team

Who else caught Barry Zito on the Unicorn Hour on KNBR on May 1st?  Listen to the podcast here, if you missed it.  Basically, Zito describes him and Dan Haren (D-Backs starting pitcher) making a “Dreamy Team”- an imaginary team of the best looking guys in baseball.  So I, of course, thought, I could totally do that!  And I even might venture to think I have better taste than Zito and Haren.


(Note:  Yes, I know David Wright is a 3rd baseman, but I couldn’t take A-Rod out so Wright will have to learn how to play 2nd.  That couldn’t be that hard, right?)


In the field

1B- Albert Pujols

2B- David Wright

SS- Jose Reyes (or Omar Vizquel, nod to my mother)

3B- Alex Rodriguez

LF- Ryan Braun

CF- Eugenio Velez

RF- Andre Ethier

C- Jorge Posada                                                                       


Starting pitchers:

Tim Lincecum

Andy Pettite

Barry Zito

Madison Bumgarner

Joe Martinez


In the ‘pen

Sergio Romo

Dave Robertson

Mariano Rivera

Brian Wilson


Who’s on your Dreamy Team?  Comment and let me know.  And who else wants to pitch a Dreamy Team game- just like, or even instead of, the All-Star game- to MLB?  I’ll start collecting signatures, if anyone’s interested.  I bet our TV ratings would skyrocket.  Just saying.

Diamond Girl


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