On Grapeseed Oil and Olive Garden

So, look.  I’ve never been Olive Garden.  I’m maybe just a little bit (a little bit?) snobby about food, although I don’t eat samples at the little gourmet stands in the grocery store anymore because of a sort of unfortunate incident with this lady who explained why grapeseed oil is so much better than olive oil so I was like, okay, I’ll taste it.  And it came in this strange little ramekin with grapeseed oil and bread and… a piece of paper.  I just ignored the piece of paper, but apparently that’ s not how it’s done?

I learned this the hard way.

Anyway, the point of this is just to say that I understand the wrong end of food snobbery.  I’ve experienced it.  Been scarred by it, even.  So while all the San Franciscans went crazy when the baby giraffe guy said his favorite restaurant is Olive Garden I sort of thought, eh, whatever.

Since then, my feelings have changed.

Brandon Belt and Olive Garden

Olive Garden sounds magical and I am not being sarcastic when I say that.  I’m kinda sorta extremely tempted to go there because I’m picturing unicorns – maybe it’s Zeets’ favorite restaurant too! – and enchanted forests and food that will make your dreams come true and things like that.

Or maybe I read too much terrible teen fiction?

Happy home opener, everyone!

Diamond Girl


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And All Was Right in the Universe

Yu Darvish is a magical being and he pitched a very nearly perfect game last night, perfect up to two outs in the ninth against the Houston Astros.  Much has been made of the fact that they are, well, the Houston Astros, but I don’t think we should let that lessen the achievement of getting that close to a perfect game: it’s pretty special, no matter who you’re facing.

“Yu has better hair this spring,” said Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux.  (In fairness, he didn’t say this after the near-perfect game.  But I will never let that quote die.)

The really exciting part about all of this, to me, is that this was Darvish’s first start of the season.  We get to watch Darvish for a whole entire year!  This is just the beginning.  This is what he was like when he was fatigued, because of a short Spring Training.  There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this guy.

Plus we get to watch Alexi Ogando, who started today and struck out 10 before coming out of the game in the seventh.  This Rangers rotation is making this upcoming season look pretty peachy, from this really teeny sample size of games.

Speaking of rotations… er, Madison Bumgarner.  Need I really say more?  He’s still ridiculously good, in case there was any doubt about that.  He led the Giants to their first win of the season last night and he did it in rather spectacular fashion.  Joaquin Arias drove in the Giants first run of the season – don’t say you saw that coming, you didn’t – which was good, because it means we don’t have to write off this season just yet.  (Probably still going to finish in last place though.  I mean, we’re at .500.  Pretty dire, people.)

Tim Lincecum starts tonight in the final game of this series and I think it’s one we’ll all be watching intently.  Lincecum is driving a turquoise Mini Cooper while in LA and also this is his first start of the regular season after all the rockiness last year, so it should be interesting, no matter what happens.   Let’s just be positive until we have reason not to be, m’kay?  He’s Tim Lincecum.  He’s probably earned a bit of benefit of the doubt.  Still, cream colored Minis are where it’s at.

mini cooper

Look how pretty and chic.

Diamond Girl

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Throwback Tuesday, I Guess?

Came across this picture of me in the cheap seats with my cinnamon roasted walnuts.  When is the home opener again?


I mean, baseball’s great and all.  But I want some cinnamon roasted walnuts.


I like all cinnamon things, actually.  Also, I seem to have cut my hair sometime in between the time these two pictures were taken.

Diamond Girl

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Ladies and Gentleman, Opening Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, Opening Day:


(Via @CarmenKiew on Twitter.)

It wasn’t exactly the Opening Day we were all hoping for, but it was OPENING DAY so that pretty much made up for it, at least to me.  The Giants opened against Clayton Kershaw and those Los Angeles Dodgers and Kershaw was very Superman-y and pitched a shutout and also hit a homerun – the first of his career – to break the scoreless tie.

Oh, did I forget to mention that he helped build an orphanage in Zambia in the offseason?

Seriously, though, Kershaw is good stuff to watch and the rivalry is more fun when both teams are doing well and all that.  Which is to say, the Giants have to do well too.  But they have 161 more games to do that, so Mayans, back off.  And they’ll probably only face Kershaw a few more times, so that’s good news.

Baseball is back and just in time for April Fool’s Day, no less.  I’d don’t mean to be antagonistic, Bud Selig, seeing as this is a new season with a clean slate between us (right?) but that was sort of bad planning on your part.  Like, maybe if there were fewer Interleague Play games we could have started the season on a day other than Annual Prank Unsuspecting Emilys Day? 

Forget it.  Antagonistic it is.

Diamond Girl


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The Annual Anti-Predictions Post

Okay, it’s the annual anti-predictions post!  (I’ve never actually done it before, but I did make Hank Schulman do it last year.  So it’s annual starting now.)  Anti-predictions, in case you’re unfamiliar, are the who-will-finish-in-last-place predictions, aka the which-GM-is-spending-the-offseason-not-on-vacay-in-the-Bahamas predictions.  Without further ado…

AL East – Boston Red Sox

AL Central – Kansas City Royals

AL West – Anaheim Angels (you heard me right, dead last)

NL East – Miami Marlins

NL Central – Chicago Cubs (sorry, Theo, but you predicted the lean years yourself)

NL West – San Diego Padres

I don’t have any magic anti-prediction formula, although looking over these, I do realize a number of these teams finished second to last this past season.  So I’m mostly just here to crush their fans dreams of a brighter future.  It’s all downhill from here, you know, and all that.

What are your anti-predictions, people?  If you leave them in the comments I will give you absolutely nothing, but you should do it all the same.

Diamond Girl

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