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Fascinating Facts About Diamond Girl (My Bio)


That’s me bonding with the World Series trophy at Tiffany’s, during the 2010 playoffs.  A few weeks later, that trophy found its way home to the Giants.  Probably because of my bonding with it, but that’s just a suspicion.

I am a writer of as-of-yet-unpublished magical realism novels and lover of the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.  (Take a wild guess at how much fun the 2010 World Series was for me.  You guessed it: No fun at all.)  In other news, my name is Emily and I live in the beautiful Bay Area.  I am your resident General Manager geek and indie movie confidante.  The Winter Meetings are my favorite part of the year and I walk around AT&T Park in fabulous but slightly painful shoes.  I love the game of baseball and pretty much everything about it.  If I don’t love something, yes, I will write about and it may or may not be fun to read.  No promises there.  I listen on the radio because Jon Miller and Dave Flemming are my best friends, even though they may not be aware of that fact.  I am have eternal belief in positive affirmations and even if they don’t work you’ll feel a little better for trying.  If you decide to read, I hope you enjoy it.  If not, have a lovely day.  Either way, you deserve a virtual hug and some vanilla cupcakes for getting this far.

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