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The Times They Are a-Changin’

Hello everyone – I think it’s time to write and say that this blog died and unexpected and sudden death earlier this year. I’ve been busy working and writing novels and tearing my hair out about the Giants. Stuff like that. I’m still present over on Twitter, where there may be some changes afoot, but you can rest assured that I will keep up tweeting about the tragic orange and black for the foreseeable future. 563 posts in a little over three years, two World Championships, one no-hitter and one perfect game: I’ve really enjoyed it and I hope you all will keep in touch via carrier pigeon.

Remember that the Giants love you even when it seems like they don’t.

I’m thinking that blog afterlife might include reincarnation so let’s just call this goodbye for now. I’m hiatusing somewhere tropical and may be back. Until then…


Diamond Girl

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