And All Was Right in the Universe

Yu Darvish is a magical being and he pitched a very nearly perfect game last night, perfect up to two outs in the ninth against the Houston Astros.  Much has been made of the fact that they are, well, the Houston Astros, but I don’t think we should let that lessen the achievement of getting that close to a perfect game: it’s pretty special, no matter who you’re facing.

“Yu has better hair this spring,” said Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux.  (In fairness, he didn’t say this after the near-perfect game.  But I will never let that quote die.)

The really exciting part about all of this, to me, is that this was Darvish’s first start of the season.  We get to watch Darvish for a whole entire year!  This is just the beginning.  This is what he was like when he was fatigued, because of a short Spring Training.  There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this guy.

Plus we get to watch Alexi Ogando, who started today and struck out 10 before coming out of the game in the seventh.  This Rangers rotation is making this upcoming season look pretty peachy, from this really teeny sample size of games.

Speaking of rotations… er, Madison Bumgarner.  Need I really say more?  He’s still ridiculously good, in case there was any doubt about that.  He led the Giants to their first win of the season last night and he did it in rather spectacular fashion.  Joaquin Arias drove in the Giants first run of the season – don’t say you saw that coming, you didn’t – which was good, because it means we don’t have to write off this season just yet.  (Probably still going to finish in last place though.  I mean, we’re at .500.  Pretty dire, people.)

Tim Lincecum starts tonight in the final game of this series and I think it’s one we’ll all be watching intently.  Lincecum is driving a turquoise Mini Cooper while in LA and also this is his first start of the regular season after all the rockiness last year, so it should be interesting, no matter what happens.   Let’s just be positive until we have reason not to be, m’kay?  He’s Tim Lincecum.  He’s probably earned a bit of benefit of the doubt.  Still, cream colored Minis are where it’s at.

mini cooper

Look how pretty and chic.

Diamond Girl

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  1. seedboy

    A Mini would be a good accessory for you. Or maybe a Miata.

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