Ladies and Gentleman, Opening Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, Opening Day:


(Via @CarmenKiew on Twitter.)

It wasn’t exactly the Opening Day we were all hoping for, but it was OPENING DAY so that pretty much made up for it, at least to me.  The Giants opened against Clayton Kershaw and those Los Angeles Dodgers and Kershaw was very Superman-y and pitched a shutout and also hit a homerun – the first of his career – to break the scoreless tie.

Oh, did I forget to mention that he helped build an orphanage in Zambia in the offseason?

Seriously, though, Kershaw is good stuff to watch and the rivalry is more fun when both teams are doing well and all that.  Which is to say, the Giants have to do well too.  But they have 161 more games to do that, so Mayans, back off.  And they’ll probably only face Kershaw a few more times, so that’s good news.

Baseball is back and just in time for April Fool’s Day, no less.  I’d don’t mean to be antagonistic, Bud Selig, seeing as this is a new season with a clean slate between us (right?) but that was sort of bad planning on your part.  Like, maybe if there were fewer Interleague Play games we could have started the season on a day other than Annual Prank Unsuspecting Emilys Day? 

Forget it.  Antagonistic it is.

Diamond Girl


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3 responses to “Ladies and Gentleman, Opening Day.

  1. Seedboy

    It is hard to imagine a better opening day. Mattingly pulling Magic (wearing no. 13) from the first pitch and bringing in the reliever (the best living pitcher, Sandy Koufax), Kershaw showing he is the best pitcher in baseball (certainly the best not named Verlander) with a complete game, 7 ks on only four hits, no walks, no runs, and the homer to the power alley.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      Well, you’re a Dodger fan, so of course it’s hard to imagine a better Opening Day. Personally, I can imagine a few things that would have made it better :) Seriously, though, I am looking forward to watching Giants/Dodgers this season. Should be fun.

      • seedboy

        Should be a great season. I just read that in the last 74 Dodgers/Giants games, each team has won 37.

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