The Annual Anti-Predictions Post

Okay, it’s the annual anti-predictions post!  (I’ve never actually done it before, but I did make Hank Schulman do it last year.  So it’s annual starting now.)  Anti-predictions, in case you’re unfamiliar, are the who-will-finish-in-last-place predictions, aka the which-GM-is-spending-the-offseason-not-on-vacay-in-the-Bahamas predictions.  Without further ado…

AL East – Boston Red Sox

AL Central – Kansas City Royals

AL West – Anaheim Angels (you heard me right, dead last)

NL East – Miami Marlins

NL Central – Chicago Cubs (sorry, Theo, but you predicted the lean years yourself)

NL West – San Diego Padres

I don’t have any magic anti-prediction formula, although looking over these, I do realize a number of these teams finished second to last this past season.  So I’m mostly just here to crush their fans dreams of a brighter future.  It’s all downhill from here, you know, and all that.

What are your anti-predictions, people?  If you leave them in the comments I will give you absolutely nothing, but you should do it all the same.

Diamond Girl

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