Gelato and Goats

Fortified with horchata and ready to go.  What’s been happening, peoples?

The World Baseball Classic has overshadowed Spring Training in some ways because, seriously, there are few things more fun than watching teams from around the world play baseball.  Not to mention that the final game of the WBC is going to be hosted right here in San Francisco at AT&T Park (well, hello, it wasn’t going to be at Candlestick), which is pretty darn exciting.

I haven’t watched much of it yet, because they play at sort of, er, odd hours and that would interrupt my late-night-must-clean-the-entire-house-before-I-go-to sleep sessions.  I’m not very patriotic at all when it comes to sports (which might be why no one ever wants to watch the Olympics with me?) so I’m rooting for Team Italy.  I was rooting for Team Australia, but they got eliminated, sadly.  Team Australia was actually just the Oakland Athletics, as some people have helpfully pointed out on Twitter.  And Team Italy, I don’t know, maybe they’ll give me free gelato/pizza/Italian soda/caprese pasta/mint green Fiat or something along those lines if they win it all?  Girl can dream.

Back in Arizona, the Giants are 4-5 plus three ties – I dare you not to smile while writing those words – but no one’s that concerned with records.  I’ve heard you crazy superstitious people say that a good Spring Training record means a terrible regular season, complete with ex-American Idol contestants singing concerts at your stadium and a goat hanging out in the stands.  But the Giants had the best record in the Cactus League in 2010 and everything turned out okay that year, so have at it, Kansas City and Baltimore.

Worst case scenario, I mean, goats aren’t that bad.  I fed some the other day and they were positively nice.  I’ll bring the celery if the Royals and Orioles pay for the plane tickets.

Ex-American Idol contestants, however, are that bad.

Diamond Girl

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