I Mapped It.

Spring Training!  Finally a bit of news to get us off hair and weight… news like Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey’s seemingly media constructed feud is now over (yay?) and they shook hands after they were done with their first bullpen session.  So.   I guess that’s good.

I would just like to note, though, that if the alleged rift – Craig Calcaterra’s words, not mine – is for reals, I am Team Timmy because a) I’m a hipster like that b) if it came down to it, Buster has babies and Timmy has a dog.  The dog would probably win in an entirely theoretical showdown.

Tim Lincecum with speech bubble

Seriously, though, I don’t exactly doubt there’s some truth to the rumor.  It wouldn’t be surprising, in light of all the circumstances.  But Lincecum and Posey are both professionals and probably pretty hell-bent on winning, so what I doubt is that it’s really going to get in the way of anything.

Everyone’s said pretty much the same thing to the media: that they’re really excited to be defending the championship, especially without the pesky people from the reality show following them around.  Speaking of which, did J-Sanch every have a meltdown camera, like I predicted?  I think I stopped watching the show halfway through or so.  But if I missed a bona fide J-Sanch meltdown, I’ll be crushed.

Over in Surprise, Yu Darvish is taking AJ Pierzynski out to McDonalds, to help with their whole catcher-pitcher bonding thing.  I’m not, ahem, a huge Pierzynski fan but that is completely fabulous.   I mean, I’d obviously vote for Chipotle, but still.  I sort of see Yu as a white rice/black beans/steak/fajitas/sour cream kind of guy, you know?  And I’d tell him to watch Pierzynski with the guacamole, because sometimes they’re sort of stingy there and charge you for the extra guacamole.  Sounds like Yu’s paying, so…

Chipotle’s also 2.0 miles from Surprise Stadium, whereas McDonalds is 2.5 miles.

I mapped it.  Not enthusiastic about this idea at all.

Diamond Girl

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