Judging and Sauerkraut

Wait, you people actually watch football?  From the outrage on my Twitter feed following the tie in today’s Niners game, apparently yes.  Not judging or anything, just… totally judging.

That’s me.  But I don’t judge as politely as Zooey.  I’m the guy being not-so-subtle in this equation.

I get that everyone deals with the sadness of there not being any baseball differently, but, seriously, getting a hobby like making sauerkraut or something is a much better – if slightly smellier – way to comfort yourself.  (Can I also just speak from experience working at an ill-fated snack bar and say people are re-al protective of their sauerkraut.  Like, do not tell a sauerkraut fanatic that, oh, we’re all out after he’s already bought his hot dog.  It ain’t pretty.)

Not much on the hot stove front, aside from Emmanuel Burriss opting for free agency after being outrighted to AAA today.  As one of the commenters on MLB Trade Rumors helpfully points out, Burriss has more World Series rings than career homers in the Majors and that’s not even the best questionable stat you could bring up about him.  But still.  Giants fans favorite person to hate is Burriss, but I have some fond memories of him (none that immediately come to mind, but I’m sure they’re there) and he was a part, if a small part, of both of our amazing championship years, 2010 and 2012.

Safe travels in the wild, Emmanuel Burriss.  I do have Ned Colletti’s number if you need a sucker – I mean, a General Manager.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Not-so-patiently-waiting-for-Josh-Hamilton news in my new permanent state.

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