Barry Being Barry and Episode Two of I Made Cupcakes

So… yesterday.

Yesterday was crazy.  Starting in the morning, Twitter was overtaken by Barry Zito avatars and the hashtag #RallyZito trended worldwide all day long.  The outpouring of support was undoubtedly the biggest I’ve ever seen on Twitter and when Zito went out there and pitched just as well as any of us could have hoped, it seemed almost too good to be true.

The Giants were not eliminated.  (Exhale.)

They’re coming back to San Francisco tomorrow with all the momentum of how great yesterday’s game was and Vogelsong and Cain on full rest.   (You can pinch yourself.  It’s true.)

There’s still a lot of work to be done, of course, but yesterday’s game is sticking with all of us for a good long while, I think.  It’s one of the most amazing, magical games that I can bring to mind.  Zito kind of stuck his foot in his mouth when it was all over saying, in reference to the hashtag extravaganza, that he “tried Twitter a few years ago and it was a pretty devastating experience.”

Move over, Manny Being Manny.  We have Barry Being Barry.

Another example.  The fedora in the postgame presser.  Which, by some kind of irony, has its own Twitter account now.

October 19th, 2012, you were spectacular.  I cannot wait for the sequel.

In this episode of I Made Of Cupcakes (Of Course I Did), I tried to make them orange and black today.  But of course I went in search of plain black cupcake papers but then fell for the polka-dotted ones, which ended up having a somewhat strange affect and then the orange frosting was a lovely shade of peach, but not really that orange at all.  This is when my magic photo editing wand comes in handy.

Kind of orange, see?

I will not be rally enchilada-ing tonight, in honor of Vogelsong’s pregame food ritual.  I will be rally Chipotle-ing, though, and that’s probably the next best thing.

Diamond Girl


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4 responses to “Barry Being Barry and Episode Two of I Made Cupcakes

  1. There’s hardly anything better in sports than Game 7’s. And, if my daughter wasn’t having her last volleyball game tonight, I could watch live.

    By the way, inquiring Arlington, Texas, minds wish to know, “How are you a Texas Rangers fan?”

    The Texasmortician
    Arlington, Texas

    • sfdiamondgirl

      Thanks for dropping me a comment, Javier! Game 7’s are undoubtedly the best… but I’m sure your daughter’s game will be worth delaying the fun a few hours :)

      I became a Rangers fan several years ago now because I am fascinated by their front office – Jon Daniels et al. They’re the best in baseball, in my opinion and there’s also the fact that the team is ridiculously fun to watch (with the exception of the end of this season, which was not very fun at all). Here’s to a better 2013!

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