Beware the Ides of March and of October

If you’re looking for someone to innumerate all the reasons that long-haired hippie needs to be traded rightthisverymoment, I cannot oblige.  There have been mutterings in Giants-fandom-land for a few days now, but it got really noisy this evening and the calls for firings and releases and trades began to surface in earnest.  Tonight was an ugly game.  No two ways about that.  Key players – ones who we were looking at to carry us through the postseason – have not performed.  Seeing your team go down 8-3 in the championship series is a terrible feeling.

But.  Let’s step back for a moment.

I think we were all a little, “Beware the ides of March!” this spring.  I heard more than a few of you saying this was going to be a bad season to make the Astros seem all peachy (okay, maybe not that, but still).  I certainly did not see the Giants going to the NLCS.  This makes them the second best team in the National League, technically, and probably third best in the Majors, assuming they’re better than the Yankees at the moment.  (Dear Lord, please say yes, please say yes.)

They’re not playing like that right now.  And them being as successful as they have been doesn’t mean this offseason couldn’t include a good deal of overhaul and even if it doesn’t, we’re free to throw out whatever we want.  But they have been successful.  Very successful.

And you know what?  If tomorrow is the Giants last game of 2012, I hope it’s a good one and I hope we have a good time watching it.  There will always be another baseball season.  This one, I know, has surpassed my expectations and hopes for it.  That said… let’s do this, Barry Zito.  Let’s do this.

Also, pro tip, for any of you who happen to be fabulously wealthy Cardinals fans who come to the game decked out in suits.  You plan ahead, right?  You know you’re coming to the game?  So why on earth would you wear a brown suit when you know you’re going to be sporting all the red gear?  Don’t, people.  Don’t.

In tonight’s Joe Buck scoop, Jack White’s Blunderbuss is available for download online!  Unlike most albums, you know, which you have to go pick up to listen to on your turntable.

Diamond Girl


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5 responses to “Beware the Ides of March and of October

  1. seedboy

    I feel you need to be schooled some on how a gentleman dresses. So do my sons, but that is another story. If you are the sort of guy who wears a business suit to work, you do not wear one that is red. If you have tickets to a baseball game at the end of the day, it is entirely likely you worked as long as you could and are then meeting clients, because you are likely using company seats. You do not take the time to change clothes. I’ve worn a business suit to Monday Night Football.

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I wasn’t suggesting a red suit – red suits are terrible and I have a hard time imagining anyone wearing one to work. I was suggesting a dark blue, grey or black one to compliment the red gear you’ll put on later, rather than brown, which clashes with red.

      Also, suits at sporting events are fantastic, in my opinion. More men should wear them. C’est trop la classe.

  2. seedboy

    And, for that matter, to the World Series.

  3. Brown suits, on the other hand, would go fabulously well with orange gear – just so long as you left out the black.

  4. Seedboy

    DG, did you know that the school colors of Brown are brown and red? I agree, not a great combination, but popular around my house for some reason.

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