Sunset Photos Because Why Not

I don’t know about you, but to me, this totally looks like an orange sky.

To those of you who are all, “Uh, no, that’s pink,” were you the ones who told your little cousin that Santa does not exist?  I know it was you.  I know it.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Game 5.  That is all.


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3 responses to “Sunset Photos Because Why Not

  1. seedboy

    You need to learn about this song. Two versions. First, the classic

    Then something different

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I do have a soft spot for the original song (and Nat King Cole in general, of course), although I don’t listen to Lady Gaga, so I’ll have to pass on the second.

  2. seedboy

    Oh, you must. Before she became what you know, she was a lounge singer. Rather like Nat, whose original act was a trio (piano, guitar, bass) partly because drums just created too much racket in the small rooms the King Cole Trio played in LA.

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