Buster Posey and I

You guys are probably going to be suspicious of this, but I’ve noticed a very strange trend.  And I don’t lie on my blog.  (Usually.  There was that one time… but never mind.)  Anyway, just as Buster Posey gets smashed in the throat and promptly loses his voice, I get all croaky.  Seriously.  It’s not the first time, either.  I had sympathetic ankle pain when, y’know, That Thing We’re Not Going to Talk About happened.

Twinsies!  Except in a not-so-good way.  Let’s all hope Buster, and by extension I, stay all well and healthy, m’kay?  Marco Scutaro, too.  How is he supposed to ride Hunter Pence’s scooter when he’s coughing and sneezing up a storm?  We have the playoffs to look forward too, people.  Have some Italian sodas and rest up, for Pete’s sake, Giants.

The game is starting anyminuteanyminute now, so I’ll catch you all later.  And when we’re all not sick.

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “Buster Posey and I

  1. If you have sympathetic pain issues when Buster is ailing, it stands to reason that this might work in reverse. Clearly you owe it to your team to take extra good care of yourself throughout the playoffs to ensure that Buster is always in peak playing shape. ;)
    Enjoy the playoffs Emily and congrats to your Giants!
    — Kristen

    • sfdiamondgirl

      Ha! I like that theory. A few trips to Starbucks to get myself, you know, healthy with a java chip frappuccino are probably in order. I hope you enjoy the playoffs as well and thanks for the comment :)

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