The Opposite of Bikram Yoga Is…

Henry Schulman said the Giants clubhouse was quiet last night, but the atmosphere with the fans?  The eventual loss in the eleventh inning couldn’t crush that.  This Giants team suddenly looks stronger in a thousand and one ways and the fight they put up was really something to watch.  Let me be the millionth person to say that something special is happening in San Francisco right now and not in that they are having incredibly, painfully long games.  More in that they look good.  Really good.  Arizona out-bullpenned them last night and the fact that it went down to extra innings points to the fact that they made other mistakes and missed other opportunities as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still 4.5 ahead of the Dodgers as we get deeper into September and they are looking up to the challenge.

Another explanation for why the Giants clubhouse was quiet last night:  all the players were sleeping.

Hunter Pence:  I’m going to ride my scooter home now and—

Marco Scutaro and Random Beat Writer turn to see why he stopped talking and see he’s fallen asleep by his locker.  They drape a Giants snuggie (leftover from the giveaway/donated a few days later by a fan who realized he didn’t actually want it at all) over him and leave him to spend the night there.  Alternately, one of them offers him a ride home.  The impractical side of a scooter, see.

We have one more game against the Diamondbacks tonight and then an off day (unconfirmed: Hunter Pence is going to spend entire off-day sleeping) and then the Dodgers are coming to town for what’s sure to be a huge series.  The great part of this huge series, though, is that no matter what, Los Angeles cannot take a division lead.  We’re safe(ish).

Diamond Girl

p.s.  A bunch of crazy people did yoga this morning on the field at AT&T Park.  What do you call the opposite of Bikram Yoga?  Freezing-cold-why-did-I-sign-up-for-this yoga?  Because that’s what they were doing.

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