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McKayla Maroney Is Impressed

So am I.  Padres minus Jed Hoyer are a sad scene, but that game was still all kinds of awesome.  I baked 25 million brownies/cookies/madeleines before 10 am this morning, but now I’ve napped and eaten some of aforementioned desserts and I’m ready for this game tonight.  I have a good feeling about it.  That good feeling has nothing (okay, maybe just a little) to do with the brownies.  Which were also all kinds of awesome, if I do say so myself.

Diamond Girl

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Happy Birthday to Yu!

Happy Birthday to Yu Darvish (Who Is the Best)! In groundbreaking news, he cut and darkened the color of his hair last week and then promptly pitched a fantastic game against Detroit on Sunday. I don’t know if he’s taken advantage of my convenient guide to Dallas yet, but if not, now would be a good moment.

New hair, guys!  Maybe not as groundbreaking as Miley Cyrus meets little-kid-with-scissors-in-hand but still pretty exciting, if you ask me.

We love you, Yu.  We have also heard rumors that you speak perfectly good English and are just pulling all of our legs by using a translator.  In which case we think you should stop that, pronto.  Still, we love Yu.  You.  You know.

Diamond Girl

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Disappointed, Angry and More Than a Little Bit Crushed

This has been a pretty crushing day.  In case you live under a rock (which I would understand – those things sound cozy), I’m sure everyone’s heard that Melky Cabrera was suspended 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance.  He’s out for the rest of the 2012 regular season, although he would be eligible a few games into the playoffs, were the Giants to get to that point.

He did not claim he drank his daughter’s cough syrup , a la Guillermo Mota.  He did not claim his sample was tainted or FedEx messed up, like our favorite liar-through-this teeth, Ryan Braun.  He did claim anything at all (unless there was an appeal that did not go public, like Braun’s would have, had it not been leaked).  He issued this statement today:

“My positive test was the result of my use of a substance I should not have used. I accept my suspension under the Joint Drug Program and I will try to move on with my life. I am deeply sorry for my mistake and I apologize to my teammates, to the San Francisco Giants organization and to the fans for letting them down.”   

Ouch.  This one hurts.  This one really, really hurts.  Honestly, I’m disappointed and I’m angry and I’m more than a little bit crushed.  Melky was, of course, a fan favorite but beyond that, he was having a monster year and was one of the most important parts of the club, hands down.  This is a needle in our balloon of playoff hopes, no two ways about it, and it’s also not something I, for one, saw coming.  It hurts.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, because I am kind of a cynic and watched too much cycling growing up (and cycling today is basically Doping 101), so I tend to think the use of PEDs is more widespread than we think.  The way the clubs distance themselves from the players after a positive test leaves me with a bad feeling, because are these players really operating on their own?  The signs point to it.  They definitely do.  But I’m still not completely convinced.  While I feel angry at the players, I also feel some level of sympathy.  There is a tremendous, tremendous amount of pressure on them to perform and if there are people higher up, – an organization, coach, trainer etc. – propagating this and not owning up, then that makes me even angrier.

The New York Times took an interesting angle, interviewing the Rangers’ Matt Harrison who got beat up by Melky in the All Star Game.  “‘Anytime you hear about something like that, with someone that’s had success against you, it’s disappointing,’ Harrison said Wednesday by his locker in the Rangers’ clubhouse at Yankee Stadium. ‘You know that they got a little advantage over you because of something they took. But at the same time, it’s over with now. You move on. That’s something he has to deal with. It’s not my issue.’”  The sport can be tainted quickly and it has been, in the past.  I think Major League Baseball likes to portray it like it’s not an issue any more, but it is and this an unpleasant reminder of that.

But anyway!  The season is obviously not over and whether or not the front office had an inkling of this when they made the Hunter Pence trade, we do have Hunter Pence.  That counts for something.  And by something, I do not just mean copious numbers of acrostics on my blog.  There’s a lot of baseball left to play and a lot that could still happen.

Still, Jonathan Sanchez looks awfully appealing right now.

Actually, no.  He doesn’t.  Not even now.

Diamond Girl


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Edgar Renteria and Salsa and Things

Over on Twitter, @GiantsNirvana reminded me of something yesterday.  Observe:

Remember that grand slam, guys?  Most baseball games, I don’t remember exactly where I was or anything, but I do with that one.  I was listening in the car and way up in the middle of nowhere, so the radio reception was terrible.  It was sort of crackly, going in and out but when Renteria hit the ball?  It became clear.  Crystal clear.  Not exaggerating.  And it was a moment of pure, baseball elation.

Of course, that was back in the day when the Rockies were not permanently toast and they were right in that pennant race – which they eventually won – with the Giants.  That moment, still, was massive and one I will never-never forget.  Right up there with when Edgar Renteria said “salsa”.  For those of you who haven’t been reading my blog since the beginning (unforgivable), Edgar Renteria was once asked what his favorite kind of music was, during the between-inning feature on the scoreboard, and he said “salsa”.  Until you have heard his accent, you won’t understand but it was the most beautiful thing in the world.  Seriously.

Also, I don’t know how many of you watched the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics last night, but it was a serious let-down.  Partially because it just was and partially because in the 2016 Rio preview, nobody sang Take You to Rio.

It was kind of sad.

In other Olympics news, Kate Moss can still catwalk like a boss and the best Opening Ceremony outfits were Team Italia’s, hands down.  Designed by Armani, naturally.  If I suddenly developed amazing athletic ability and qualified for the Games, I would renounce my American citizenship and beg Italy to take me on.  Just so I could wear the clothes in the Opening Ceremony.  I am not a materialist at all, no.

Diamond Girl

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The Second In My Series of Hunter-Pence-Inspired Acrostics

Why does Hunter Pence inspire acrostics?  Good question.  I’ll let you know if/when I find out.

How can you predict baseball?

U are just resigning yourself to

Never getting a good deal at the

Trade Deadline, leastways not

Eugenio Velez (irrelevant line, keep moving, guys.)

Right now, in 2012.


People have short

Evaluation windows and

No one was absolutely thrilled with Hunter Pence’s

Clutch hitting to start off his career with

Emily’s Giants (because they are Emily’s Giants, aren’t they?)


I know I wasn’t and

Some random person on Twitter wasn’t, so…



We were all feel kind of downerish about this.

Everyone hates the Dodgers and we needed

Someone to be that difference-maker

Other than Buster Posey, ‘cause he goes without saying

My personal opinion was that Pence was doing fine but

Everyone knows fine is not the same as


Absolutely awesome.

Fate intervened!

The Giants were having a seriously up-and-down game today when

Everyone’s (new) favorite Hunter Pence drove home the point that the

Rockies are toast.  (Which means Dan O’Dowd is still welcome for toast and tea at my place.)


A homer!  The first in his Giants career!

Let’s all chill out and do yoga or whatever.

Let’s also acknowledge the undeniable fantasticness of Hunter Pence, even aside from that neat little homer.

Diamond Girl

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