Things That Help With the Stress of OhMyGodTimLincecumIsPitching

This is one my helpful posts, don’t you love this?  This one being Things That Help With the Stress of OhMyGodTimLincecumIsPitching.  And yes, as the Giants website helpfully reminds us, he has a 3.10 ERA since the All Star Break, but still, I am nervousnervousnervous.  Also, blame the four game series, because if them Braves win, we’ll split it.  Which is kind of an abomination, if you ask me.

Anyway!  Back to things that help with the stress.


Just one thing, actually.  Aranciata Rossa.  Blood orange San Pellegrino.  I have a six-pack of these lovelies in my refrigerator and it’s a 5:00 EPSN game, so go figure.  This will be a good evening.   (Assuming, of course, TimLincecumdoesnotmeltlikeanicecreamconeinthesun.)

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Yes, I promise to reacquaint myself with the spacebar before I write my next post.

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