MCM – Melky Cabrera Mess, That Is

Holy Melky Cabrera.  One of America’s most trusted news sources, the New York Daily News, got their feet wet in the MCM (Melky Cabrera Mess, that is) today with a story about how he did some insignificant things like cheating and lying and creating a fake website to cover his tracks and then presenting aforementioned fake website as proof that he didn’t cheat and lie.  You can read the story here if you so choose, but if you’d rather just go watch Shattered Glass for the lowdown on why Melky – I mean, Stephen Glass, is an unhinged sociopath, by all means, do it.  That is one of my favorite movies of all times, aside from my sneaking suspicion that it’s actually scientologist propaganda.  Since it’s produced by Tom Cruise, y’know.

Anyhow!  Back to the point at hand.  Just when you thought the MCM couldn’t get any worse… it did.  Cabrera’s camp is already distancing themselves from the person/people who cooked up the (un)brilliant fake website scheme and in turn, the Giants organization is distancing themselves from Melky’s camp.  It’s just hard to know, in general, how it all went down and although there may be more info within the history of his appeal, etc., that’s all confidential for the moment.  So we’ll have to live with the bits and pieces that our favorite New York Daily News drags up.

I’d say I’d rather just watch some baseball, but I’m biting-my-finger-nails-nervous about the upcoming series in LA and the momentum from the fab first two games in San Diego were kind of crushed today.  Vogelsong struggled, as has been the story for him lately.  I have to think fatigue is playing a role at this point and the specifics of his struggles would point to that – he doesn’t seem mechanically terribly off and no signs point to injury.  The season is long and August is a hard month to grind through, not two ways about it.

Still, with first place on the line on August 20th, you have to think everyone will be bringing their A-game tomorrow.  And maybe their fake websites too, but only if we’re very lucky.

You think Hayden Christensen can play Melky in the upcoming movie, Spilled Melk?  (Credit to the @cjholley8 on Twitter for coming up with that one.  I saw it when it was retweeted by the always fantastic Adam Penenberg.  Who was, incidentally, the one who uncovered the real Stephen Glass.)

Diamond Girl

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  1. seedboy

    In a year or so Melky and Milton Bradley will be on an independent single A team together.

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