A Hunter-Pence-Inspired Acrostic


Have you ever traded for a guy and then been a little disappointed?

U know you have.

Now, the thing about this is

That your

Expectations were probably somewhat

Ridiculous to begin with.



Enjoy your new player and give him time to adjust to his

New team and

C what he’s capable of – it may not be

Exactly what you were hoping for, but then again, it could different in a pretty fantastic way.


Whatever ends up happening, the point

Is that everyone needs to

Let up a bit of Hunter Pence and

Let things play out.


Because the Trade Deadline wasn’t

Even a week ago, yet.



I hope you are all having a lovely Friday and

Now also basking in Hunter Pence love.



p.s.  We’re facing Jonathan Sanchez in Colorado tonight.  If he doesn’t walk a thousand and one people, I want my money back.  Even though I’m not technically paying any money.   But still.  You know what I mean.

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