Why Being Gregor Blanco Should Be an Olympic Sport

A lot of people seem miffed that baseball is not an Olympic sport this year.  I don’t really care that much either way – the only summer Olympic sports I like are synchronized diving because, seriously, that’s awesome and super weird – but I do think that Being Gregor Blanco needs to be an Olympic sport.  Sure, Gregor Blanco would always win, but it would still be a fantastically fun sport to watch.  ‘Cause, you know, he does things like this.


Just watch it a few times.  (WordPress won’t let me imbed it, so you gotta go the old-fashioned way and actually click a link.)

While we’re at it, David Beckham Coming Down the Thames With the Olympic Torch should also probably be a sport.  Alternately, Beating the Mets Who Are 8.5 Out of First Place and Hit Even Worse Than We Do.  I’ll present it to the IOC next time I run into them in Starbucks or whatever.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Does not demonstrate that I am harboring delusions that I decided to talk about something good rather than… pretty much everything else on the Giants front.  I’m just being an optimist over here/letting it all stew so I can write a nasty post tomorrow.  Sound good to y’all?  Then it’s a plan.

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