It Was Nice Knowing You, Doug Melvin

This just in: Doug Melvin of the Brewers will never enjoy a drink in the aforementioned Exclusive GM Club again.  Why?  Because he just broke one of the most long enduring, sacred GM rules, of course.  He was clear.  He was not vague, he did not hint, he did not bluff.  He did not say “no comment”, he did not laugh and quip, “of course we’re not making any moves!” before ending the interview, making a huge move and leaving the media outlet seething that they did not get to break the story.

He came right out and said, today, that Zack Greinke will definitely be traded before the Trade Deadline, which is coming up on the 31stHe came out and said it, guys.  In a world of Oblique Brian Sabeans and Plain-Lying-Through-Their-Teeth Jon Daniels, this just does not happen.

I am floored.  What’s going to come next, Theo Epstein leaving the stadium not dressed as a gorilla?  What is the world coming to?

So that’s what Theo Epstein actually looks like?  I was beginning to believe they actually had a gorilla for a GM.

Diamond Girl

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