The Second Half and Stuff

So… this place looks pretty different, you noticed?  Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend has migrated off of the MLBlogs templates, due to some issues with the advertising.  You can still find the blog at the same URL (duh, you’re here) but it’s just going to look a li’l different.  It’s a work-in-progress, but if you have any comments or suggestions as to the design, feel free to drop them in the comments (in a friendly and non-internet-troll-like way).  I am kind of digging it, though.  Aside from the fact that my header photo could read as either “The torture stops here,” or “The torture shops here.”  I see that as a subtle warning that I talk a lot about shopping, in addition to being a baseball blog.

In somewhat less important news, the second half starts today!  (Too. Excited. For. Words.)  The pesky Astros are in town tonight and Madison will be taking the mound.  It’s nearly two o’clock and the fog still hasn’t burned off, so I think the Giants are in for a nice shock from those last few East Coast games.  I have long hypothesized, although I have no cool and groundbreaking stats to back this up, that the cold weather is the secret ingredient to this team winning everything all the time and am hoping to be proven right tonight. 

The Giants are half a game out of first place heading into the second half and in many ways the first half was full of highs – Melky Cabrera, need I say more? – but a lot of the discussion over this break has been about Lincecum.  Bochy has altered his stance from the rest of the season and hinted at skipping Timmy if he struggles in his next start.  Honestly, it’s hard to imagine that Lincecum won’t struggle.  I’ve said before and I will say again that I still believe Lincecum is having a down year and that doesn’t mean much for his career in general, but this is getting unproductive; this practice of sending him out and just hoping for the best.  I don’t think it would be a bad thing to skip him and reassess.  At the moment, the Giants are competitors in a big way and Lincecum is not helping that.  If skipping him is what it takes, I think that makes sense all around. 

In other news, the second half starting on Friday the 13th means it’s going to be the best second half ever.  I’ve moved on from positive affirmations to reverse psychology.  Things like Friday the 13th being a day of good luck.  This new stance served me well so far.  For the fifteen seconds or so that I’ve been employing it.

Diamond Girl

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