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A Theoretical Scott Hairston Experiment

So that was quite an exciting Trade Deadline!  (Phillies firesale did not include any designer handbags, sadly, but they sold pretty much everything else under the sun.)  It was also quite a stressful one over here.  I’m equal parts sad and relieved that it’s over.  Actually, three quarters relieved and only one quarter sad.  It was starting to drive me crazy(er than I usually am, which is saying a lot).

The Giants went out and proved that we were all being unfair, ripping on Dennis O’Donnell, because he was absolutely right:  Hunter Pence is on a plane to San Francisco and will be donning the orange and black tonight or tomorrow.  Catching prospect Tommy Joseph and second-longest-tenured Giant Nate Schierholtz are heading to Cheesesteak Land—I mean, Philadelphia.  I liked Schierholtz all along and am somewhat disappointed that he’s leaving, especially when I was just figuring out who to spell his name, but he did request a trade and things between him and the Giants have obviously not been working for a long time now.  Also, Hunter Pence is pretty awesome.  After the initial shock wears off – and I know I’ve had a few days to get used to this idea, but when it comes down to it, trades always still surprise me – I think I’m happy with it.  What are you all feeling, fellow Giants fans?  Happy with this trade deadline?

Payroll is the one lingering concern, seeing as opinion is divided on whether or not this will impact the possibility of signing Melky to a long-term deal.  Only time will tell on that, right?  I’d be happy to donate my paltry savings or the Giants could hold some bake sales.  If they start now, you know, they might have enough for a few Chipotle runs by the time the offseason rolls around.

Alternately, we could just take all the money that would be going into those guys and sign Scott Hairston.  We’d probably be buying, oh, 90 wins right there because seriously, that guy proves himself to be more of a Giant-killer every time we face him.  He had two homers last night, two.  The sociologist in me really wants to disguise this Giants team as, say, the Dodgers and then have Hairston face ‘em and see if he still does well, to demonstrate if it’s a psychological thing or a physical thing.  Of course, the Giants would know who they were, so that would kind of mess with the study because I would guess, that at this point, that they’re a little psyched out by him.  But still, it could a pretty fantastic study.  Um, Bud Selig?  If you ever have a down moment and want to organize this… after you, y’know, deal with unimportant things like the A’s new stadium and expanded instant replay or whatever.

Anyway, last night’s game might have felt like rock-bottom, in a season where there’s a competition for that.  (And yes, I’m aware that we’re tied for first place.  Many things have gone really well, but you can’t deny there have been a lot of seriously down moments, too.)  Eventually, the Giants lost their fifth in a row to the Mets – the Mets, peoples – with Eli Whiteside facing Manny Acosta, who is rocking a 10.30 ERA, in the 10th.  That moment will go down in history.  I can’t quite decide who it was sadder for.

Tonight will be better, though, because there’s no way it can’t be, right?  Things are even looking up for Acosta – his ERA is down to 10.25!

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Gutted about the news that Neftali Feliz will be undergoing Tommy John surgery and obviously out for a good long while.  Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Why You Should All Be Getting a Goldfish, Pronto

For those of you who are not on Twitter (first of all, congratulations on actually having a life) things get a little crazy around the Trade Deadline.  It’s very, very easy to start a rumor over there and significantly harder to prove whether or not it’s true.  Also, us news-starved fans really want to believe that every Josh-Hamilton-to-the-Giants-for-a-minor-league-second-baseman rumor is true even if we know, not even that deep down, that it’s most definitely not.

So last night, the sports director for KPIX TV which is, apparently, our local CBS affiliate, tweeted that he had a source confirming a Hunter Pence to the Giants deal.  CSN’s Andrew Baggarly retweeted it and the rest is history.  Long story short, it appears that the story has no truth to it and no one was even sure, for a while, that the original Twitter account was legitimately connected to KPIX.  It seems that the account was real, just the news was not, but the whole thing was infinitely confusing.

Looks legit, no?

It was also a bad cap to an even worse weekend for the Giants fandom.  Being swept by the Dodgers is always bad, but at home, in the end of July, with a slim division lead is seriously pretty terrible. It’s also a matter of being so close to the Trade Deadline, I think, because this series is not indicative of the Giants in general, but this is a moment when everyone wants to gauge their team – the strengths, the weaknesses.  Ideally, we’d look back over the whole season and get a sense of where we are and who we are, but the world is not ideal and the microscope naturally falls on what’ s happening right this moment.  With so much up in the air and Pablo Sandoval and Hector Sanchez injured (by the way, my view on the impact of Sanchez being on the DL has morphed, because the repercussions have made it a bigger deal than I expected), it’s hard not to feel like the team has to do loads, right this moment.

Which is why “waivers” is rapidly becoming my new favorite word.  Because the Trade Deadline isn’t the be all end all, remember?

Also, just like your Facebook friend who says her life is absolutely awesome, your Twitter friend who says the Giants are absolutely trading for completely-awesome player might just be lying.  Or misinformed.  But probably lying, because we’re baseball fans and we’re pessimists.

My advice is to get a hobby like tending goldfish or basket-weaving because this is kind of insanity-inducing if you get too into it.  Goldfish, on the other hand, are lovely little creatures who are not concerned with CBAs and ownership approval.

Diamond Girl

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Fun Facts About Marco Scutaro and Stuff

Look, I know today didn’t go terribly well (understatement of the century?  Perhaps.), but if anyone can help these Giants out of the hole they are rapidly slipping into, Marco Scutaro is the one.  The One, in the romantic comedy sense of the term.  To start with, he’s played on pretty much every team that’s ever existed, which has to count for something.  That something might be figuring out accessories to match his various uniform colors or it might mean some fab experience that will really boost this team down the stretch.  I vote for both.  All of the teams he’s played on, per Wikipedia, just ‘cause:

  • Cleveland Indians
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • New York Mets
  • Oakland A’s
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Colorado Rockies
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Boy Band Heaven’s *NSYNC

(Let’s play, Catch the Fake Team Name, shall we?)

There’s also an interesting article about him over on ESPN, which you can read right here and it features his kind of fantastic welcome-to-the-Big-Leagues story.

It was a Sunday day game, so he went into the hotel coffee shop to have breakfast by himself. A couple of seats down, he recognized the Mets’ manager, Bobby Valentine. “Oh my God,” he thought to himself.

He hesitated. Should he go introduce himself? If he didn’t, Valentine might ask him later at the ballpark why he’d avoided him.

So he overcame his shyness and spoke to Valentine. “Hello, Bobby, I’m Marco Scutaro.”

Valentine answered, “Hi, kid, how you doing?” and resumed eating. Then Valentine, a gregarious type, looked up and said, “So, kid, do you live around here, or are you going to school in Cincinnati?”

“I’m Scutaro,” he said.”I’m your new player.”

Anyhows, beyond all of that, I am of the opinion that Charlie Culberson was not a piece of the future in the way you could argue Zach Wheeler was and while this deal is obviously less flashy than that one, it’s also lower risk with a potentially good and productive return.  Hey, it’s not like going big with Beltran worked out, after all that, and I think Scutaro makes a good deal of sense.  The Rockies may be a cool 18.0 games out of first but even so, I am secretly very partial to trading within the division.  Weakening teams that have a flag on our standings pole?  That makes me happy.  And while I’m admitting embarrassing things, it’s worth noting that I do have a Justin Timberlake song on my iPod.  I mean, I bought it to use it for a certain video I was making.  But I do still have it.

Willkommen aboard, Marco.  We have lousy weather and overenthusiastic fans (cough, cough) but we’re pretty fun all the same.  Also, we do not usually lose 10-0 to the Dodgers.  Like, that never happens.  Other than today.  Want to make sure it never happens again?  Please and thank you.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  In heartwarming news, Chris Stewart hit a big ole bomb in New York this evening and the Yanks setting a franchise record for homers in first 100 games of a season at 157.   (Speaking of cool and meaningless stats.)  Am I the only one who misses that guy?  Because I seriously do.


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Jedi Are Kind of Undercover Hipsters, See

Jedi work slowly and at night and stuff.  They don’t make flashy moves, but they make the best ones all the same.  Jedi don’t trade for Zack Greinke, ‘cause seriously, that’s too mainstream and jedi are kind of undercover hipsters.  They don’t do mainstream.  Wow, this is starting to sound like I’m convincing myself.  Which is stupid, because I’m not worried, not worried at all.  I have complete faith in JD and Sabes.  Complete.  They will work slowly and at night and stuff.  Right?  Right?

Also, Melky did not dope.  I mean, none of us thought he did but then we briefly did, for the two seconds when we read the beginning of that tweet, and then we saw he didn’t.  Complicated, I know.

Also, Beat LA.

Must go now.  There madeleines to be made.  I, um, bake when I’m nervous.


Diamond Girl

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It Was Nice Knowing You, Doug Melvin

This just in: Doug Melvin of the Brewers will never enjoy a drink in the aforementioned Exclusive GM Club again.  Why?  Because he just broke one of the most long enduring, sacred GM rules, of course.  He was clear.  He was not vague, he did not hint, he did not bluff.  He did not say “no comment”, he did not laugh and quip, “of course we’re not making any moves!” before ending the interview, making a huge move and leaving the media outlet seething that they did not get to break the story.

He came right out and said, today, that Zack Greinke will definitely be traded before the Trade Deadline, which is coming up on the 31stHe came out and said it, guys.  In a world of Oblique Brian Sabeans and Plain-Lying-Through-Their-Teeth Jon Daniels, this just does not happen.

I am floored.  What’s going to come next, Theo Epstein leaving the stadium not dressed as a gorilla?  What is the world coming to?

So that’s what Theo Epstein actually looks like?  I was beginning to believe they actually had a gorilla for a GM.

Diamond Girl

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