[Insert Verb] Like It’s 1912

My heart rate from last night’s 9th inning had barely gotten back to normal when today’s game started up.  I was panicking like it was 1912 last night.  (Anyone mind if I just tack “like it’s 1912” onto the end of every sentence in this blog post?  No?  Good.  Because I’m doing it either way.)  By some luck which has evaded the Giants for most of this season, that game actually went our way.  Although MadBum lost what was about to be his first complete game – a shutout, no less – the bullpen was able to do the job eventually and San Francisco took Game 1 of the series.

Game 2, of course, was Gimmick Game of the Year.  I have the utmost respect for the Giants promotions department, whom we have to thank for the spot-on-location-targeted Giants Belt Buckle giveaway, ‘cause Californians love their belt buckles, as well as Orange and Black Fedora Giveaway (Which Unwittingly Teaches the Youth of San Francisco That It’s Okay to Be a Hipster).  Let’s not even talk about the Orange Texting Gloves – aka, fingerless gloves ­- giveaway.

Point is, Turn Back the Century game was quite an, er, sight.  We’re talking no video scoreboard, uniforms that were supposedly retro but let’s face it, just looked like the Yankees, and select stands with 12 cent peanuts.  I was basically channeling my inner Grinch Who Stole Cute Gimmick Game.

Let’s just say 1912 isn’t really my era.

I know this was 1910 and it was England (and and it was filmed in Hollywood in 1964) but seriously, bad fashion?  Check.  Bad music?  Check.  The Giants were absolutely marvelous that year but I would guess that was the highlight of being alive in 1912.

I still vote for Meditation Day at the ballpark.

On to the actual game, Matt Cain was wonderful because, you know, he’s Matt Cain.  I was also completely astounded to see that his career record now is now a cool 75-75.  Scratch everything I said.  I would tolerate everything about 1912, not to mention sell my soul to the devil, if it meant a winning record for this guy.  Still, his comment about the win-loss record is a sage one (from the San Francisco Chronicle): “I could care less what my record is as long as we’re winning.”   And win they did.  The final was 2-1 and it was a good, tight game.  The Cubbies might not be the cake I previously envisioned, but with two games left to go in this atrocity we call a four game series, I am feeling rather good about it all.

Party like it’s 1912, guys.  Never mind the bad fashion and bad music.

Diamond Girl

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