Ancient Rome Is Totally Inspiring Me

Does anybody mind if I just go slightly off-topic here?  No?  Okay, good.

Because I happened across a thing about the Circus Maximus in Ancient Rome – bear with me, there’s a point – and it said that in between the action, slaves would walk around and spray the spectators with perfume to ward off bad scents that are often present with large crowds.  Now aside from the fact that they were slaves and the Circus Maximus was populated with a variety of barbaric sports that tended to end in death, I was all, That is brilliant.

I think the Giants should do it.  They could have a poll on their website, “Which perfume do you want?” and then the winner would be sprayed between innings.  Some people are sensitive to perfumes, I know, so there could be a few sections where they don’t do it, just like there are peanut-free sections.

To, er, return to topic, Barry Zito, guys.  Seven hits and two runs over nearly eight innings.  I don’t even know what to say, except that I am genuinely amazed.  I also think it’s something of a testament to how he’s behaved for the duration of his contract with the Giants, up to this point, that the vast majority of people seem really happy for him.  He has conducted himself with grace and humility pretty much all of the time, aside from the endless “need to have fun comments” which we can forgive him for, and within the organization and the fandom, happiness seems to be the overwhelming sentiment.  That, in turn, makes me happy.  Can we have more feel-good stories, please?

I am also finding myself increasingly partial to Gregor Blanco also because, I mean, how could I not be?  He is loads of fun.  So is beating AZ.  Beating AZ is pretty much the best feel-good thing in the world, especially after feeling like they dominated San Francisco for a while there in everything.  Don’t look now, but I think the tide is turning.

Also, the word is that Barry Bonds may be coming back to the Giants at some point as a hitting instructor.  I am excited about this, if only because then I can reintroduce this shirt.  Oh yes.

Diamond Girl

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