They Wandered Into a Forest With a Cannibalistic Witch, I Think

(You do not even know how much I want to embed the marlins and the trout video clip from The Social Network and then run.  But for you guys, I’m going to do something more.  Thankful?  Okay.  We can move on, then.)

The past two days have not been very much fun at all.  The red-hot bats have kind of gotten lost in a forest with a cannibalistic witch who likes eating offense – hey, no raining on my poeticism – and yesterday stung especially, at least to me, because it was (you guessed it!) a Timmy start.  Lincecum is 2-5 with a 6.41 ERA over ten starts this season.  Just like the rest of this year, he was struck by the curse of the One Horribly Nasty Inning yesterday and it’s a shame, because otherwise, he was doing quite nicely.  Some argue that’s Bochy call, to take him out before he melts down, but I don’t really think that’s an answer.  Putting a table cloth over a messy table doesn’t do any good, as they once remarked in my childhood favorite book Ballet Shoes.  For whatever reason, that quote decided to pop up in my head in relation to Lincecum.  I will choose not to comment.

But it wasn’t until Andrew Baggarly’s story for today that I started to get seriously melancholy about all this.  You can read the full story here.  Here’s an excerpt:

He [Lincecum] said he honestly cares about what the fans think and he doesn’t want to let them down. He doesn’t want them to reach the point where they expect him to fail or to boo him off the mound. Even after all he’s accomplished in his career, he isn’t taking any fan support for granted. “I don’t want them to start to hate me,” he said.

My first thought was, “C’mon, are we really that fickle?”  My second thought:  “Okay, yes.  Maybe we are.”  Honestly, my overall like/dislike of a player generally has very little to do with how well they are playing at the moment.  Career and, hey, personality play a big roll.  But in terms of baseball-related frustration?  That one can come on awful fast, for sure.  You don’t usually hear a player come out and say what Timmy said but it’s an interesting quote, I think, maybe for that reason.  In another part of the article, Lincecum remarks that “he knows he’s close and there are as many good signs as bad ones. He has to focus on the good ones.”  To the fans, I think, it certainly does seem that way.

So let’s join hands and be non-bashing, mellow-ish people for the final day in Miami tomorrow and onwards from that, okay?  I mean, we’re allowed to bash the new Marlins stadium and stuff.  Just not Timmy… to his face.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  In the interest of reader feedback, feel free to comment and tell me you would have preferred me just imbedding the marlins and the trout video.  I won’t be offended.  Or at least I will pretend, through a barrage of internet smilies, not to be.  Hugs.


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2 responses to “They Wandered Into a Forest With a Cannibalistic Witch, I Think

  1. I was there – I think it was a Fourth of July – when the fans booed Kirk Rueter. I would never boo Kirk Rueter, but there’s a point when you’re saying to yourself, “C’mon, are the manager and GM the only people in this crowd of 40,000 who don’t know they shouldn’t send him out there to get killed again?” Lincecum is not to the point where you hate Bochy and Sabean for sending him out again though

    • sfdiamondgirl

      I agree with you. There is certainly a point where it feels unproductive for everyone involved to keep sending a struggling pitcher out. At the same time, in Lincecum’s case, I think he has earned our benefit of the doubt with so much success in his career. Mostly, it’s how fast the emotion of the fans can change that surprises me. Give it a while, I say.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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