400! And 2!

Yes, this is my second post for today.  Why?  Because, of course, it is not only the second anniversary of this blog but this post is also my 400th, all time!  Can you say awesome in 15 languages?  I can (with a little help from the magical thing we call Google Translate):

  • awesome!
  • impressionnant!
  • impresionante!
  • impressionante!
  • ehrfürchtige!
  • ógnvekjandi!
  • tuyệt vời!
  • anhygoel!
  • 真棒!
  • φοβερό!
  • awesome (Esperanto.  Apparently they haven’t really heard of awesomeness.)
  • strašan!
  • भयानक!
  • terribilis
  • cool story bro tell it again (internet speak!)

I can also say thank you in 15 languages:

  • Thank you!
  • Merci!
  • Gracias!
  • Grazie!
  • Danke!
  • þakka þér
  • cảm ơn bạn
  • diolch!
  • 谢谢
  • σας ευχαριστώ
  • dankon (Esperanto, guys, once more)
  • hvala
  • शुक्रिया
  • gratias
  • thx 4 readin ppl (internet speak, once more)

Thank you all for reading and hanging out over here, it is very much appreciated.  I can’t believe it’s been two years but it’s been an incredibly fun ride.  Stick with me and let’s dance, shall we?  Even Interleague Play cannot rain on my parade.

Diamond Girl

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