You Know What?

I think maybe I can tolerate a two game series.


That is Gregor Blanco hitting a tape-measure shot in last night’s game against the Rockies, which San Francisco promptly won by a final of 3-2.  It kind of rocked.  I sipped my orange tea (which is so good I cannot even put it into words) and wrote the second-to-last chapter in Novel Project That Has A Name But I Can’t Put It Here, Just Because.  Second-to-last chapters are no fun at all, so it was rather good timing by Vogey, what with his three-hitter, and all the other people who saw fit to finally awaken from their baseball slumber and squeeze out a win.

Remember the Tale of the Sleeping Offense?  For a while there, it was the Tale of the Sleeping Offense and Defense and Probably Pitching, too.  But no longer.  It’s halftime, Giants fans, and our second half is about to begin.

Granted, this is not football (no siree, not football at all otherwise I would obviously not be blogging about it because, guys, I hate football) and the closest to halftime in this li’l analogy would be the All Star Break and it is not the All Star Break yet.  Because, I mean, if it were, Interleague Play would be over.  And Interleague Play is not over.  We still have to suffer through that.  So perhaps I should be saving Clint Eastwood for when that’s all over.  Or maybe just use him both times, because you can never have too much Clint Eastwood inspiration, right?  Right.  I completely agree.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Apparently, it’s Greg-ore, not Greg-er.  As in Blanco, that is.  My earth is shattered due to this news, but I am slowly rebuilding it.  Donations appreciated.

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