Priorities, Priorities

Today, for once, my optimism is not hare-brained.  (I so want that phrase to be “hair-brained”, by the way, you do not even know.  Said with a hair flip, of course, because hair flips are ze best.)   Why?  Well, because our very own Madison Bumgarner is on the mound at Chase Field.  Aside from his obvious pitching skills, he’s also a darn good hitter and we are in desperate – and I mean desperate ­­­– need of a darn good hitter.  If it’s the Baby Moose or whatever we call him now who can deliver the spectacular with-RISP-hit, I will not object in the least.

I just Googled “baby moose” and guys, they are seriously strange looking creatures.  But I do totally see the resemblance.  Okay, maybe “totally” is an overstatement.  I kinda see the resemblance.

On a somewhat unrelated note, the Giants announced a tweet-up for this season, meaning a pregame event for their Twitter followers, for those who do not know these things.  I was intrigued for a grand total of twenty five seconds, before I saw that “food and drinks will be available for purchase” (can’t lie, I was hoping for free garlic fries) and the tickets are going for a cool $60.00+.  Unfortunately, meeting @GiantsFan22222 is not worth that to me.  I have cupcake ingredients and fab orange heels to think about and save up for.  Not to mention, you know, college and stuff.  But a hearty have-fun to everyone who does decide to go!

Excuse me while I slip into my fab orange heels… what?  Trying to make you regret your choice?  What a thought.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Holy Josh Hamilton 4-Homer night, in case I did not say this before!  And also, Holy Tim Lincecum Haircut!  Every start, I am surprised by it.  It’s beginning (beginning?) to get weird.

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One response to “Priorities, Priorities

  1. Robert Seeds

    Love the shoes, DG.
    As for the moose, there is a baby moose that lives at my house, and it is adorable.

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