For Once, I Really Want to Thank Bud Selig

Did I rejoice too soon?  Nah.  I don’t think so.  Sure, last night contradicted all of the wonderful things I said about the Giants (you’re welcome, you guys, thanks for disproving me) yesterday, but I am still holding onto the ever-thinning thread of optimism.

Let’s make it Beat AZ, shall we?  Or, Save Tim Lincecum, maybe?  That works, too.  Save Us All also works.  We may need it.  Don’t even mention that it is only May 10th.  May 10th or September 30th, this is no fun.  I did not sign up for this.  (I signed up for Winnie the Pooh balloons and brownies, but that’s another story.  I gave up on that long ago.)

I’ve heard that Sabes and Bochy are meeting in Arizona to discuss potential roster moves but as Henry Schulman points out, they probably wouldn’t add a pitcher until after Bumgarner and Cain’s starts.  It is being reported that AAA’s own Shane Loux is meeting the team, although he may not be activated for a little while.  I’m a little wary of roster moves to be honest because… okay, it’s May 10th.  It’s not time for panic moves.  I have an overdeveloped sense of fear of the panic move.  If there’s a good, viable option, I stand behind that (of course).  But just because they’re tail-spinning at the moment doesn’t mean it is time to overhaul.  I am too lazy to calculate, but there are many, many days left until the trade deadline and the playoffs don’t start for months and months and, hey, there’s even an extra wildcard.

See?  Still hope.  And definitely no need for panic moves.

Diamond Girl


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