Can We Have Their Defense, Please?

Now I get that it’s the Astros farm system and everything so they don’t get cool new road jerseys with black piping (hideous) like my Giants but… that defense.  I am jealous.

Heck, I am probably jealous of their offense and pitching too, even though I know nothing about either.  See, the Giants have (hopefully) hit the low point on the season, with a 9-1 loss in Los Angeles last night, hours after Mota was busted for PEDs.  Not only did the bullpen crumble, but the defense seriously did as well.  The offense, as seen above, scored one run.  Enough said.

Bruce Bochy said, “It looks like we skipped Spring Training,” and I have to agree.  Isn’t this is what Extended Spring Training is for?  Can whole teams go to Extended Spring Training?  If not, they might try consulting with baseball experts/reading baseball blogs with good advice (cough, cough)/sleeping and drinking warm tea/getting help from magical medicine men.  That’s not a euphemism for ‘roids, I’m talking real, honest-to-goodness medicine me, old-school.  Alternately, they could chain themselves to AT&T Park in protest of some obscure cause and call it a season.

I kid, I kid… sort of.

This is painful to watch, no two ways about it.  Hence I only sort of kid.  It is going to be a difficult road up, seeing as the farm system has already been cleared out in a lot of ways and there is, of course, nothing to do about the people who have been lost to injury.  I am sure different lineups will be tossed around and thrown out onto the field, but mostly, this group is either going to figure it out or they won’t.  Personally, I am pretty optimistic.  Bad luck can’t last forever, right?  This may be the lowest point of the season, but that’s means things can only get better.  Probably, at least.  I myself am going to cross my fingers and advise against dreaming LA water, because that stuff is terrible.  On a slightly unrelated note.

Beat LA.  Or rather, Play Baseball Against LA.

Diamond Girl

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