Guillermo Pulls an Alberto

This just in:  Guillermo Mota has been suspended for using the performance enhancing drug, Clenbuterol.  It’s his second time caught using PEDs, so he’s out for 100 games.  AKA, something close to eternity.  Ouch.

Apparently, this is the same drug that caused Alberto Contador to lose his Tour de France and Giro D’Italia titles, which makes me cringe, because you know how I feel about doping and cycling-baseball similarities.  Coming from a cycling family, I watched a lot of it as a young child and remember really enjoyed watching Contador race way back when, as well as many other cyclists who have now been stripped of their titles.  They are, of course, ultimately making their own decisions, but it still makes me sad, more than anything else.  Same for baseball.  I hope it’s isolated, as in incident, but I can’t help but wonder all the same.

The Giants, meanwhile, are seriously stretched thin as this point.  They have lost people to just about every reason under the sun (knock on wood moment, right there) and in the bullpen, are missing four out of seven Opening Day relivers.  Those being:  Affeldt, Wilson, Otero and now Mota.  I think they’re going to need to put this message out soon:

Mota’s situation, of course, isn’t an issue of luck, but seriously.  Are the Giants having the worst luck this year or what?  Okay.  I need to stop now, before I knock on wood for a third time.

Also, today, discussing cologne, Derek Jeter said, “Some guys [spray it on] before the game,” he said. “You would be surprised. I won’t name names, but…”  My money is on Andy Pettite.  And A-Rod, of course.  I also have to say once more how much I love those cryptic Yankee quotes.  (Not.)

Now one mandatory “Beat LA!” before I go.  Because we totally are.  Going to beat LA, I mean.  You heard it here first.

Diamond Girl

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