I Have Come to an Unfortunate Conclusion.

The Giants are only able to able to hit when I am there.  Not so unfortunate, right?  Just an excuse to go to the ballpark all the time.  But there’s more.  The Giants are only able to hit when I am there, rooting for the Brewers.  Kind of weird, no?  But my logic is sound, aside from all the millions of games they’ve won when I was neither there nor rooting for the Brewers.  But the two Giants-Brewers games at AT&T Park I’ve been to have both been offensive outbursts, of sorts.  Today’s game was not especially high-scoring, but San Francisco got nine hits, which wasn’t too shabby at all.  In 2010, the Giants won with an astonishing final of 9-2.  (Jose Guillen was the star of the show, remember him?)

I wasn’t planning to go to any games in this series, actually, but apparently I have become the go-to person when someone has Giants tickets they can’t use.  (Thank you, you know who are!) I do not mind this development at all.  So I picked up this morning and ran away to the circus.  The circus being the ballpark, of course.  It was a glorious day for a game and my Brewers hat did need a little dusting off.  (If you have no idea why I go to the Giants games and root for the BrewCrew, check out this post from way back when.)

In the top of the ninth, one avocado sandwich and one almond ice cream bar later, I did the rally cap thing and… boom.  The Brewers tied it up.  See?  I am good luck all around.  The Giants did eventually walk off in the eleventh, with a single from Hector Sanchez.  Granted, the pitcher they were facing from Milwaukee, Tom Dillard, was this close to walking in that walk off run, but it was a win all the same and the Giants are back at .500, going into this roadtrip.  Basically, I couldn’t be that crushed at the end.

Even when I am dying of sun exposure, I can rock a rally cap.

On to Los Angeles tomorrow and that is always exciting.  Yes, you are allowed one joke about me going to LA and pretending to be a Dodgers fan.  Then we can go back to being Giants fans and all will be well.  Sound like a plan?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  So, this.

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  1. I’m also the go to person when it comes to unused tickets in various circles. True it usually seriously messes up my schedule since I’m going to a bajillion games anyways, but there are more tragic things that I could think of :)


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