Top 10 Movies to Watch When You Get Thrown a Curveball

Three adjectives to describe today in Giants-land:  depressing, depressing and (wait for it) depressing.  Not only did it start off with memories of last night’s unpleasant game, but then came the news that Pablo Sandoval needs surgery to remove the fractured hamate bone in his right hand and will be out for four to six weeks.  This announced, of course, a year to the day after Pablo had that surgery on his left hand.  Eerie baseball god stuff at its best.  Then there was another unpleasant loss, clinching a sweep by the Marlins in San Francisco and it’s been drizzling in a decidedly non-baseball-ish way all day.

I was not kidding when I said depressing, depressing and depressing.  May is not off to a good stuff over here.  Understatement of the year?  Perhaps.  But you know how I am, a semi-eternal optimist, so I’ve decided that rather than rehashing all of this horribleness any further, I am going to go a different route.  What route, you might ask?  The Top 10 Movies to Watch When You Get Thrown a Curveball, aka when you are depressed, route.  Not strictly baseball themed, but who knows, the players might get just the inspirational kick they need if they were to watch some of these.  And if you watch a few, I seriously can guarantee a good mood.  So!

10.  Annie Hall.  Just when you thought you had problems… this move will put things, er, in perspective.  You will feel positively normal and very lucky to be you when it finishes.

9.  The Pink Panther Strikes Again.  In the vein of laugh-out-loud movies, this rates right at the top of my list.

8.  The Lord of the Rings.  Not a comedy, but in terms of raising valorous feelings in you?  This is just about the best.

7.  Some Like It Hot.  Because black-and-white movies just have that quality to them.  And Marilyn movies, too.  Marilyn movies are a surefire to way to boost your mood.

6.  Holiday Inn.  Another black-and-white one, this time with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby dancing and singing and bringing good cheer and peace on earth to everyone who watches.

5.  Robin Hood.  Um, speaking of inspiring valorous feelings?  If the Giants watched this, I would put money on a month of no losses.

4.  Confessions of a Shopaholic.  This is the newest one on the list and while from the outside, it looks like a romantic comedy, inside it’s much better than that.  It’s a hardcore comedy and an absolutely hilarious one at that.  Again, will make you feel positively normal by the end.

3.  Redwall (TV series).  This is the only TV series on the list and I’m featuring it because it is just that good. Brave mice defending their abbey against evil rats, while using crazy British slang and brandishing mini-swords?  Yes, please.  Childhood favorite, guys.

2.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Isn’t this everyone’s go-to film when they’re depressed?  Yeah.  I thought so.

1.  A Day at the Races.  Marx Brothers.  Need I say more?   (Watch the whole seven minutes.  “Worth it” does not even begin to cut it.)

So there you have it.  My motley rundown of the best non-depressing movies.  Tomorrow, if things are still not going our way, I’ll do a motley rundown of all the best depressing movies.  See?  Something to look forward to!  No need to feel down!

Diamond Girl

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