The Dark Giants Potentially Rise

Double header day was rather successful, mais non?  I enjoyed every minute of it – except for the minutes when I was suffering through a beastly Little League game  – and I think us Giants fans are feeling positively optimistic (that is not a double positive, despite appearances.  Read it again and you’ll see.)  When double headers go awry, it’s doubly depressing.  But when they go right?  It’s doubly wonderful. 

Lincecum is slowly but surely looking better and I adore his motto for this last start, “Simple, stupid. Just throw.”  (That quote, of course, courtesy of Henry Schulman over at the Chronicle.)  Nate Schierholtz and Pablo Sandoval are both quickly and surely looking completely fabulous and San Francisco basically did the whole > than New York thing.  Which I don’t necessarily agree with in the city sense, but in the baseball sense, it is most certainly true.

That is my creepy clapping Joker photo for the Giants.  Not that I am creepily clapping to the Giants.  I am non-creepily clapping.  It’s just that the Joker doesn’t know how to do that, you know? 

On another note, the Huff situation is one of the stranger storylines to come out of the day.  As it turns out, he wasn’t exactly benched, during the double header.  He wasn’t there at all.  He texted Bruce Bochy in the morning and said he had to go deal with a family emergency.  Whatever is happening, all the best to him and his family and I hope everything is all right. 

Today the Giants are at the humbly-named Great American Ballpark in Cinci and I am expecting a San Francisco > Cinci to follow up the NY series.  Then I will use my clapping photo again and we will all be happy.  Deal?  Deal.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The Rangers, people.  The Rangers.  I need the Giants to have an off day so I can go all Texas on you.

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