Clear Your Schedule and Settle In

Double-header day, people!

New York was soaked yesterday, so now we get two Giants games in one day.  As I am sure I’ve mentioned before, double-headers weird me out, because of the whole get-amped-then-get-amped-again thing, but I also secretly love them.  So much baseball, you know… how could I seriously detest that?  My to-do list stretches a mile long though and I haven’t taken my own “clear your schedule” advice, so I will be multi-tasking while I listen to the games.  Ah, well.

As we get ready for the game, I wanted to go over a few pressing topics, though, because really, to-do lists were made to be ignored.  This blog takes precedence because I just love you all that much.  You love me too, right?  I knew it.  So!

  • Off With Aubrey Huff’s Head!

Aubrey is batting .182 and being basically cringe-worthy in every possible way when he takes the field.  The “Off with his head,” cries grow louder by the second.  (That’s where noise-blocking headphones come in, but that’s probably beside the point.)  I think Huff certainly needs to see some time on the bench – and he’s not in the lineup for the first game today – but for SF to succeed this year?  They may very well need Huff to step up at some point.  That is, at least, how I see it.  Perhaps Sabean and I have more in common, read: play ‘em veterans, than I might have thought.

  • What Is Wrong With Timmy?

Well, I had to say it.  But he is going to do absolutely fantastically today.  You heard it here first.  By this evening, that question is soon to be totally passé.   You heard that here first, too.  It’s rather a good line, I think, so I should probably copyright it soon or something.

  • The Dodgers. 

‘Nuff said.  All of my Dodger fan family members are getting gooey on Facebook.  I am trying to keep my fingers from typing, but is that working?  No, not really, no.  Let’s just say they are probably going to disown me soon.  If I don’t disown them first.  Things could get ugly fast.  It’sjustagameit’sjustagameit’sjustagameit’sjustagame.

  • Giants Texting Gloves.  Pressing topic, of course.

On a slightly unrelated note from the rest of this jazz, the giveaway for Friday, May 4th against the Brewers is “Orange Friday Texting Gloves”.  Now my fashion history is not terribly strong, so correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t those traditionally called “fingerless gloves”?  Didn’t texting come, oh, five thousand odd years after fingerless gloves?  Just worth throwing out there.

Diamond Girl

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