The Elephant in the Room…

…is (well, duh) Brian Wilson.  Sure, there are the three triples in the past 24 hours and my tweet which totally predicted that after the first one – there is proof – and all of the other questions and comments surrounding the Giants right now, but one piece of news that will most definitely still be news six months from now is the Brian Wilson news.  Brian announced today that he is going to be missing the season, probably getting his second Tommy John surgery and just like that, San Francisco is left without a closer.

In a strange way, nobody seems particularly surprised.  That’s probably because Wilson hasn’t really looked right for some time now and he obviously was in and out in the spring.  Which makes it the elephant in the room, because everyone’s surprisingly quiet.

It could be that this is reminding everyone that life is fleeting and we are all mere mortals or something along those lines, but I think the more likely thing is that we are all measuring the situation with a great deal of curiosity.  After the Giants won the World Series in 2010, the question was often asked, “Who is the one player this team cannot go without in the future?  Who was the special link?”  Often, the answers were Brian Wilson or Buster Posey.  We’re a year-and-a-half removed from that post-World Series haze now and I think a lot of opinions have changed.  But a bit of it still lingers, I would venture, and I think we are all now wondering if those answers will prove true or false. 

It’s April 15th and we’re 9 games into the year.  Assuming we lose Wilson now for the rest of the season as expected, that’s 153 games without him.  I’m not terribly strong at math, but those are a lot of games.  Personally, I have a healthy amout of confidence in Casilla/Hembree/who knows, maybe even Affeldt.  But in a strange way, a month or so early, we’re faced with the same question we were last year, when Buster Posey went down for the year last May.

And I think that question is essentially, Will they grow a new core or will they falter without the old one?  Semi-eternal optimist that I am, I would like to believe the former, but who really knows, until all the cards fall?  (No one.  But that was a rhetorical question, snarky blog readers.)  In the meantime, I am awfully glad to have someone – that is, Angel Pagan – who can hit triples, even if he can’t score actually afterwards.  Triples are too much fun, people, and this is all about the fun, right?  Well, okay, mostly about the fun.  Says Emily through clenched teeth as she runs her fingers through newly straightened hair that she straightened during the extra tense moments of the game today to relieve her jumpy nerves.  Perhaps I am not a source on this.

Diamond Girl

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  1. Seedboy

    Emily, back in the 1980s Vin Scully was announcing a Dodgers-Cubs game. He announced that the Cubs’ star, Hall of Famer Andre Dawson was “day to day.” Then he added “But aren’t we all?” The Giants have a deep ‘pen, they’ll be fine without him.

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