Just When You Think You’ve Got It Down

…it comes out and surprises you.  I am talking about baseball, of course.  (Contrary to what you may think, this is a baseball blog, not a cupcake blog.)  I’ve always been a big believer in the underdog and rooted for Zito through some pretty horrifying starts over the past couple of years, but I can’t lie, at this point, I was not expecting yesterday’s performance.  At all.  “What was yesterday’s performance?” you might ask, if you live under a rock.

Let’s write it out:  a complete game shutout with no walks at Coors Field.  There are all sorts of fabulous statistics I could quote, but just suffice to say, that doesn’t happen.  For Zito or for Coors Field.  Ev-ah.  It was the sort of game that I couldn’t exactly celebrate at the end, because I was pinching myself and making sure I hadn’t accidentally turned my radio to the spoof Giants station.  No such station exists, for the record, but I checked all the same.

So congratulations to Zito.  I’m cautious to start talking Comeback Player of the Year just yet, but the Giants may very need an unlikely hero this year and if Barry can do that, I will rather thrilled.


Caption:  No, you aren’t.

Answer: Yes, I am.  That is, yes, I will be.  Rather thrilled, I mean.  This GIF does not really suit my purposes all that well, but it made me laugh, so I am including it anyway.

Onwards!  Yu Darvish made his MLB debut yesterday and it was a wee bit rocky, but nobody really seems to mind that much.  Because Darvish is just that much fun.  And even if he’s not, Yu jokes are just that much fun.  We can never get rid of him, for just that reason.  The Rangers must have been awfully busy, what with photographing signs with Yu puns on them, but they also managed to reach an extension with Ian Kinsler for five years, worth $75 million.  Which, among other things, means he one-ups the millionaire in Some Like it Hot by about 75 times.  Although, I wonder, does he have a yacht?

Since Tuesdays are officially GIF days here at Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – I decided this a full five seconds ago – and that is a hilariously wonderful movie.

Anyhow, if Ian Kinsler really has 75 million now, he should go out and get a yacht.  Speaking of which, it just occurred to me that Person of the Moment Barry Zito one-ups millionaires by a full, oh, 127 million.  He really needs to get himself a yacht.  Pronto.

Diamond Girl

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