Meet the Danger Teams

As those of you who tolerate—I mean, follow- me on Twitter know, today is my birthday.  I ate a red velvet cupcake (luckily the cupcake shop is open on Easter or there would have been hell to pay, people) and watched Mirror Mirror only for Sean Bean’s cameo at the end but ended up enjoying the rest of it equally.  I also walked on the beach and intermittently, nervously listened to my radio.  Even Jon Miller’s even-soothing voice did not disguise the disaster that has been the first three days of the 2012 season for the Giants.  And even my Winnie the Pooh balloons could not soothe me.  The beginning of the season is supposed to be all optimism and that’s a wee bit hard right now for a few teams.  Allow me to illustrate:

See, Giants fans?  We are not the only ones who have yet to pick up a win.  The method in which we have gone about not picking up a win seems particularly gruesome, but it does not (necessarily) imply any deep, horrible truths about the team.  I am quite the pep-talk lady today, because I don’t think some early season nastiness should interfere with my red velvet birthday.  Or your non-red-velvet Sunday, for that matter.  Optimism still lives.  The Giants are a little (a little?) off at the moment, that’s clear, but not much else is.  We will have to wait and see.  Who knows, this might be a bad year vs. Arizona but 2010 was a bad year vs. San Diego and that didn’t turn out so badly.  Everyone has their Achilles Heel/Kryptonite and minus the humidor (and, yeah, the errors and the starting pitching and all that jazz), I am quite confident in the Giants against the Rockies.

And you are too now, right?  I mean, how could you not be when there are Tigger balloons in the vicinity of your cyerspace?

Diamond Girl

And you are too now, right?  I mean, how could you not be when there are Tigger balloons in the vicinity of your cyerspace?


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5 responses to “Meet the Danger Teams

  1. Wayne

    Happy birthday, Emily! I hope it was a good one! And don’t worry about those Giants. I think the DiamondBacks will flop this year and the Giants will be back in it!

  2. First of all, happy belated birthday. I know the feeling of being winless. I travelled a combined 8 hours to see my Twins take on the Orioles in Baltimore for two of the games thinking, “wow, I can see my favorite team on Opening Weekend. Plus, it’s against the Orioles, so they’ll have a much better chance of taking the series than if I were to watch them against the Yankees.” I was then greeted by an emphatic “NOPE!”

    • sfdiamondgirl

      Ah, baseball. Always out to thwart you, huh? Sorry about those losses. I hope you had a good trip, despite that. Here’s to lots of wins for our teams in the coming days/weeks/months! And thanks for the birthday wishes!

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