By This Time Tomorrow…

Being on vacation has left me a little out of the loop on all things baseball (all things anything, for that matter) but when I woke up this morning, I only had one thought.  It was, It’s Opening Day, of course.  And lying in the pool all morning, it began to feel like spring at long, long last.  I am stranded without CSN Bay Area and out of KNBR range, but I figure I can just live off of the fumes.  Even down here in SoCal, there are some serious fumes.  Sure, there’s Dodger Blue everywhere but are also some Giants vibes making their way down the coast.

Speaking of Dodger Blue, by the way?  I stumbled upon a fabulous exhibit of photographs by Herb Ritts yesterday and although I did really enjoy it, all of his photos in the exhibit were black and white.  And when you are, as I was, surrounded in bright Dodger Blue everything – from hoodies to skinny jeans to hair – it’s kind of a distracting contrast.  I was sorely tempted to ask each and every one of them why on earth they would be fans of the Dark Side and give them coupons to move to the Bay Area and become Jedi and wear the ever-classy black (as in orange and), but I thought that might not go over terribly well.  So I just steered appropriately clear.  Dodger fans are strange creatures, you know.  Just don’t tell the people whose house I have currently invaded that I said that.  They might throw me and my ten pairs of shoes (for a three day trip.  Yeah.) out.

One of the Ritts’ photos, featuring Naomi Campbell.  I repeat, ever-classy black.

Anywho.  I am just drumming my fingers and counting the moments right now.  Very soon I will have survived another offseason and that is not as easy as it looks.  Hugs and shots of hot chocolate all around.  This is going to be The Year Sabean Realizes It’s Good to Play the Young’uns, right?  Then it will be a good year indeed.

Or, as Henry Schulman put it on the eve of Opening Night last year, “Hey. By this time tomorrow Game 1 of the season should be over and we’ll know if the Giants will repeat.”  If I were into tats, I think I might get that in a nice, modernist font to flash to my fellow fans all the time.  Or non-fans, for that matter.  It has universal appeal, mais non?  Okay, maybe only universal-ish.  But that’s something.

Most-Definitely-Not-Tanned Diamond Girl

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