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They Will Pitch Well and Make Us All Gloomy with RISP Stats and Other Predictions for the Coming Months

Hello, darlings, and apologies for my semi-accidental absence.  I ended up spending the weekend lying under a large shady tree just bein’ lazy, as Bing Crosby might say, and watching/listening to baseball in the moments that I was not doing aforementioned laziness.  No time for blogging, see what I mean?

Anyway, now that it’s the last day of the first month of the season and we have an off day at last (thank you, Bud Selig, you’re the best-ish), I am back to break everything down.  April has been a strange month for the Giants, but then again, isn’t it always?  You can’t say any of the games mean anything but it is certainly important in terms of getting to know the team’s personality on the field and often, I think, if you look back at April at the end of the season, you’ll see a lot of things that now look like psychic hints, even if they weren’t the least bit apparent at the time.

So!  I’m just going to go on that hypothesis.  If April tells us everything we need to know about this team, what does that mean for them?   Observe, 2012 Trends for the Gigantes:

Hair Will Disappear

Why would I think this, you ask?  Nod to Timmy’s haircut and Brian Wilson’s season-ending Tommy John surgery.  The hair everywhere trend is so 80s, you know.  The Giants are just now getting clued into this and life has never been better.  In that sense, at least.

The Whole Season Will Feel the Dog Days of August, aka WEIRD

I am staunchly convinced that April felt like August this year, so you probably will not be able to dissuade me, no matter what you try.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I direct you to the weird injuries like Buster Posey’s shingles and Aubrey Huff’s anxiety disorder.  Stuff like that is supposed to happen when everyone is wiped out from a long season.  We’re in for that all year, it would seem.  I am going to need to break out my extraordinary multitude of virtual Get Well Soon cards soon.

This Will Be the Year of the Triples

You heard it here first.  Of course, you saw it first on the field with Angel Pagan and Nate Schierholtz and people, but hearing is more important than seeing so I win, in this situation.  Anyhow, I have always been of the opinion that triples are the secret weapon of playing at AT&T Park so they should probably, you know, utilize that.  This year will be the year that Happens with a capital H.

Interleague Play Will Be a Drag

Okay, no proof here.  But it always is, so that’s just a safe assumption, right?  Until they play the Rangers, that is.  That will be wondrous, of course.

They Will Pitch Well and Make Us All Gloomy with RISP Stats

Safe assumption, 2.0.

But really, I am encouraged.  April has not been disastrous, mostly, and blue skies show summer is coming.  Baseball is just getting started.  Restock the orange juice and settle in.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Yu Darvish is on ESPN tonight which means I can fine-all-ee watch him.  I am so excited you do not even know.  The Rangers were also in ESPN last night, facing the Rays, and I remembered that Jeff Keppinger is with them now.  Remember him, Giants fans?  He had an RBI in the Rays 5-2 victory.  This is Emily’s miffed face, right here.


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Well, That Was Better Than It Could Have Been…

…but also, probably, worse than it could have been.  In Dream Diamond Girl world where blueberry muffins grow on trees and my computer never freezes up.  Ah, Dream Diamond Girl world… okay.  Back to the point.  The Giants finished up the (what feels like endless) roadtrip today in Cinci with a 9th inning comeback – hugs, Angel Pagan – and now have a winning record, at 10-9.  Can you believe we’re 19 games into the season?  And if so, can you believe the Giants have only been on the road for less than a week?  It feels like ages, people.

I want to break it all down, because when there are no off-days, I feel perpetually rushed. 

See, I’m pretty bipolar about off-days.  On the one hand, as I’ve bemoaned before, I loathe them.  No baseball?  Shoot me, please.  On the other hand, the chance to sit back and have a mini-offseason to think things over is rather useful.  On that note…

I case you can’t see that, because my camera does night like text, that reads “Dear Bud Selig, The Giants like off-days, too.  Love, SF Diamond Girl.”

Just throwing that out there.

Anyhow.  The Giants have a pretty strong case of very good stuff and very bad stuff, but not necessarily a lot in the middle.  The Sandoval hit streak gets more amazing and weird and wonderful every day and, as it turns out, Pagan has a bit of a hit streak going as well.  The hitting with RISP numbers are still dismal and the bullpen is facing difficulties as well.  The team hasn’t quite clicked out there, save for a few times, and the minor injuries certainly build up to create trouble.  Freddy Sanchez had a setback in rehab and one series away from May, that raises some pretty serious questions.  (And I’m not talking the “Are you related to Jonathan???” kind of serious questions.”

Mostly, though, I am feeling optimistic.  No, really.  I am.  Three-and-a-half out from the Dodgers and the season is progressing.  Basically aside from Timmy’s struggles, the Giants haven’t had any huge surprises, performance-wise.  They’ve been dismal with RISP for a good long while now and as long as the pitching holds up, they are perfectly good.

And if the pitching doesn’t hold up, well, the NFL draft was today and the season isn’t that far off.  The Niners might compete and stuff, especially if they hire me as GM.  Don’t be too depressed, Giants fans.

Diamond Girl

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The Hyper-Fast Rundown

Time to do a hyper-fast rundown.  Ready?  Okay.  I’m tired out already.  Whew.  Where to start? 

There are the obvious woes of the Giants, the ah-mazing hit streak of Pablo Sandoval, the creepily good resurgence of the big Z, what’s wrong with Timmy… all that good stuff.  But what’s really taken over the news today is the announcement that Aubrey Huff is on the 15-day Disabled List with an anxiety disorder.  I don’t think it’s what anyone was expecting out of the Huff announcement and it certainly raises a lot of questions.  Personally, I would hope we can all back off a little at the moment and just send positive thoughts his way, for whatever he might be dealing with.  He is a person first and a baseball player second.

With that said, Andrew Baggarly, over at CSN, reported this afternoon that Huff is going through a divorce at the moment and raised a good deal of ire within the fan ranks – people saying that was an invasion of privacy or just classless/in poor taste to report.  I think a lot of what is being said about Huff should carry over to Baggarly, honestly.  Bottom line, he’s trying to do his job.  They both are.  The whole thing is unfortunate, to say the least, but empathy all around is the best tactic, I think.  Aside from the fact that I absolutely adore that word, even.  Isn’t “empathy” a fantastic one?

Onwards!  For a short and wonderful time, the A’s were the first team in MLB history to have three Aussies on the team.  (As my brother quipped, “Because the A’s are so aussie-ome.”  Score, darling.  You should read my blog more.)  Then they DFA’ed one of ‘em, so they’re not quite so down-under heavy anymore.  But they still have two.  And two is making me grin and be glad to be in the Bay Area, even if I’m only vaguely A’s sympathetic.  Don’t shoot me, guys.  Vaguely.

Lastly, a shout-out to Joe Martinez, former Giant extraordinaire, who was called up by them Diamondbacks today.  I am not the least bit D-Back sympathetic, but I do hope Joey does well because I love that guy.  It’s okay if the Diamondbacks beat us just a couple times this season, right?  In completely non-key games and stuff.  Yeah, it’s okay?  Good.  I am glad to agree on this.

Diamond Girl

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The Dark Giants Potentially Rise

Double header day was rather successful, mais non?  I enjoyed every minute of it – except for the minutes when I was suffering through a beastly Little League game  – and I think us Giants fans are feeling positively optimistic (that is not a double positive, despite appearances.  Read it again and you’ll see.)  When double headers go awry, it’s doubly depressing.  But when they go right?  It’s doubly wonderful. 

Lincecum is slowly but surely looking better and I adore his motto for this last start, “Simple, stupid. Just throw.”  (That quote, of course, courtesy of Henry Schulman over at the Chronicle.)  Nate Schierholtz and Pablo Sandoval are both quickly and surely looking completely fabulous and San Francisco basically did the whole > than New York thing.  Which I don’t necessarily agree with in the city sense, but in the baseball sense, it is most certainly true.

That is my creepy clapping Joker photo for the Giants.  Not that I am creepily clapping to the Giants.  I am non-creepily clapping.  It’s just that the Joker doesn’t know how to do that, you know? 

On another note, the Huff situation is one of the stranger storylines to come out of the day.  As it turns out, he wasn’t exactly benched, during the double header.  He wasn’t there at all.  He texted Bruce Bochy in the morning and said he had to go deal with a family emergency.  Whatever is happening, all the best to him and his family and I hope everything is all right. 

Today the Giants are at the humbly-named Great American Ballpark in Cinci and I am expecting a San Francisco > Cinci to follow up the NY series.  Then I will use my clapping photo again and we will all be happy.  Deal?  Deal.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The Rangers, people.  The Rangers.  I need the Giants to have an off day so I can go all Texas on you.

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Clear Your Schedule and Settle In

Double-header day, people!

New York was soaked yesterday, so now we get two Giants games in one day.  As I am sure I’ve mentioned before, double-headers weird me out, because of the whole get-amped-then-get-amped-again thing, but I also secretly love them.  So much baseball, you know… how could I seriously detest that?  My to-do list stretches a mile long though and I haven’t taken my own “clear your schedule” advice, so I will be multi-tasking while I listen to the games.  Ah, well.

As we get ready for the game, I wanted to go over a few pressing topics, though, because really, to-do lists were made to be ignored.  This blog takes precedence because I just love you all that much.  You love me too, right?  I knew it.  So!

  • Off With Aubrey Huff’s Head!

Aubrey is batting .182 and being basically cringe-worthy in every possible way when he takes the field.  The “Off with his head,” cries grow louder by the second.  (That’s where noise-blocking headphones come in, but that’s probably beside the point.)  I think Huff certainly needs to see some time on the bench – and he’s not in the lineup for the first game today – but for SF to succeed this year?  They may very well need Huff to step up at some point.  That is, at least, how I see it.  Perhaps Sabean and I have more in common, read: play ‘em veterans, than I might have thought.

  • What Is Wrong With Timmy?

Well, I had to say it.  But he is going to do absolutely fantastically today.  You heard it here first.  By this evening, that question is soon to be totally passé.   You heard that here first, too.  It’s rather a good line, I think, so I should probably copyright it soon or something.

  • The Dodgers. 

‘Nuff said.  All of my Dodger fan family members are getting gooey on Facebook.  I am trying to keep my fingers from typing, but is that working?  No, not really, no.  Let’s just say they are probably going to disown me soon.  If I don’t disown them first.  Things could get ugly fast.  It’sjustagameit’sjustagameit’sjustagameit’sjustagame.

  • Giants Texting Gloves.  Pressing topic, of course.

On a slightly unrelated note from the rest of this jazz, the giveaway for Friday, May 4th against the Brewers is “Orange Friday Texting Gloves”.  Now my fashion history is not terribly strong, so correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t those traditionally called “fingerless gloves”?  Didn’t texting come, oh, five thousand odd years after fingerless gloves?  Just worth throwing out there.

Diamond Girl

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