The Whole Matt Cain Dodginess, Mixed With Some Inner New Yorker Stuff

When I finally crawled out my rainy hibernation and got caught up on baseball news today, the first thing I saw was that Andy Pettite has sprung out of retirement and will be donning the pinstripes once more this season.  YES.  (In a purely non YES Network type way.)  Although I am only very tangentially a Yankees fan, I do have a strong inner New Yorker (hence why I walk at 25 miles per hour all the time and wear endless variants of the black trench-coat) and Pettite was probably one of my first favorite baseball players.  So today may seriously be the Best Day of 2012 So Far in Diamond Girl Land.  I mean, Buster’s return was prettykindofextremely fabulous, but this is just wonderful on a whole new level. 

I think Pettite should be required now to add a new “T” to his name for every extra season he plays, post-pretending to retire, as penance to the fans whose hearts he broke (that is: yours truly) when he pretended to retire.  His lawyer can take this one up with me.

Speaking of ballplayers who are favorites of mine?  Matt Cain, people.  Matt Cain. 

As inevitably happens, what were supposed to be non-confrontational, totally mellow extension negotiations during Spring Training have turned a little… dodgy.  To use a Willy Wonka-ism.  Sources are letting their tongues wag far more than is prudent and Cain now says he’s “really torn”, according to CSN Bay Area.  I don’t know why teams and players seem to think this is a good idea – that, somehow, doing this during Spring Training will create less ill-will.  I refer y’all back to Michael Young and Albert Pujols, unless there is anyone who still believes aforementioned myth.  It never works.  Never.  In this case, I have to actually fall on Cain’s side.  If I were him, I think I would absolutely test the free agent market.  This is (potentially) the high point in his career and if he wants to try out the free agent market, it just makes sense.  Sure, as a Giants fan I wish there was really a big loyalty factor here, but I don’t think there is, honestly.  My instinct is that they will not reach a deal and Cain will go to free agency, which he has certainly earned.  So I can’t feel too torn up, right?  Then, although it’s probably terribly unlikely, I hope the Giants sign do him and our longest tenured Giant stays a Giant forever after.  Like every other girl on the planet, Disney has obviously given me a warped sense of reality.  Huh.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  March Madness?  ‘Nuff said.

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