For Those of You Who Thought That Baseball Had Turned All Scientific…

…check out this quote from a (very good) story on the Rangers website this afternoon, about their scouting and signing efforts in the east and Darvish in particular, of course.  Then check out this quote:

“It was co-owner Bob Simpson who decided on the specific $51.7 million bid. The Rangers officially made it $51,703,411. The 34 was Ryan’s jersey number. The 11 was Darvish’s number. The Rangers were hoping for a little luck with their bid.”

Baseball is scientific, say what?

They should just pull a Dodgers move and get a guru, too, if they’re needing a bit of luck.

In another note, the hair on this guy!

He may be replacing CJ in more than that rotation spot.  (coughBestHairCrowncough)

I mean, I might suggest that he add a little more red, rather than that orange, because it could compliment his skin tones more and he also needs to do something about that goatee, but… he’s definitely on the right track.

Not to mention that his suit at the presser was pretty great (let’s not talk about the potential, ahem, leaf on his t-shirt at the airport).  Maybe he’ll prove himself super fashionable!  My stoked-levels are just going up and up.

Photo from @andrewnadlervt on Twitter, because I am not that fast a screen-grabber.

Welcome to Texas, Darvish.  And if you ever need more suggestions for things to do ‘round there, just shoot me a singing telegram/hot air balloon/carrier pigeon.

‘K?  ‘K.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  That article I linked to at the beginning?  You should definitely read it.  There’s A.J. Preller love in it, my friends.  We love him too, over here at Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.  Which is a one-girl show.  So that is to say, I love him.  Over here.


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2 responses to “For Those of You Who Thought That Baseball Had Turned All Scientific…

  1. Robert Seeds

    As soon as I saw Darvish’s hair in that pic I thought, “wicked hair”. You might be right about the color.

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