My Supermodel Dreams Just Went Poof

You know, I’m not a Phillies fan- understatement of the year and it’s only January 2nd – but things like this make me ever-so-slightly question that.

The Giants aren’t really, er, a heroic team, I guess and I can’t lie, I am rather starved for heroics at the moment.  (Remember when Edgar did things like hitting grandslams in key games against the Rockies?  Those were the days, people.)  Which is basically to say that if Rubén Amaro Jr. ever loses his mind for 24 hours and feels the desire to trade Halladay for a couple of low-A prospects, I would not be at all adverse to the idea.

Also, any thought I had of going down to Brazil to visit or transform into a supermodel?




In one gust of thick blue smoke.

My hair- heck, any of me- is not what we would call “anaconda friendly”.

Goodbye, dreams of my childhood.  Unfortunately, Roy Halladay is not there to rescue me most of the time so I think I will have to avoid your land.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I’m starting to get totally into the Spring Training mood.  Which is good except… Spring Training is still a good long way off.  Cinnamon coffee, where are you comfort me when I need you?

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