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A Book Recommendation for Mat Latos and an Address for Your Get Well Soon Cards

“Baseball works in funny ways. The only way I could honestly put it is, we could be like the Giants and go and change our whole lineup, put guys with ‘San Francisco Giants’ across their jerseys. We didn’t.”

In San Francisco Giants lore, Mat Latos will forever live on as That Guy who said the above quote near the end of the 2010 season.  To say he garnered criticism would be a massive understatement.  Livid hate would be more spot on.

And then there was me, giving far too much benefit of the doubt to him and repeating, “Legitimate point said by the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time,” so many times that my mind started filling it in, a la auto-correct.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

Point being, he then turned around that offseason and auctioned off three balls on which he wrote, “I Hate SF!”

I stopped defending him after that.

I still maintain he had a point originally, but the level of classlessness basically totally overshadows that.

I can’t say I was heartbroken to hear he was traded to the Reds today, although it does rob us the satisfaction of seeing our boys in orange and black take him into McCovey Cove every other week.  (Every other week because the Giants play the Padres so. much.)

I do have one recommendation for him, though, before he departs the NL West:

In fact, I don’t know what kind of libraries they have in Cinci, but ‘round here the library has a whole big section on manners and etiquette.  Might find that useful, Mat.  Just might.

In other news, yes, this is totally me pretending to live in England and be 58 and crazy into football.  Get Well Soon cards can be directed to Diamond Girl/AT&T Park/Cot in Center Field/San Francisco, California.

Diamond Girl

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A Plea For the Innocent Praying/Fighting/Nacho-Eating Fans

(Below is featured a rant that came to me while watching the 2011 playoffs, which I saved up for a rainy day, which turned out to be today, because I had too much to say about Josh Hamilton at the time and no room for this.)

Televised sports feature many things that leave watching fans grinding their teeth.  Wacky trivia, bad graphics and incorrect maps are just the start of it.

But you know the thing that I can’t stand?

When they show random fans in the stands.  To liven up dull moments or whatever.  You know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes it’s a wide shot and it just pans over a section, but sometimes they zoom in on someone in particular.  And the broadcasters talk (make fun) of that person for something upwards of a minute.

And does the person ever know?

Well, maybe.  If someone they know happens to be watching and decides to let them know.  Or if it’s a particularly remarkable spot and it makes the news (rare).

Which is to say that I would guess that a good percentage of the time, the person never knows.

Now aside from the “Hello, that is creepy!” factor- which, let’s face it a major one, but we can leave that aside for now- is that fair?  No, it is not.  Is that nice?  No, it is not.  I don’t know if, when we all buy tickets, we consent to that, but if so, it should probably more prominent on the purchase form.  And if not, I can’t find laws to back this up, but I might venture that’s kinda-sorta-really illegal. 

Either way, am I really the only who feels a wee bit guilty about laughing at unsuspecting fans who just can’t eat nachos neatly?  Or the endless women with Dracula fingernails who appear to be praying but might actually just be cold in the ninth inning?

Then there is the fact that aforementioned women get, well, a little boring after a few games.  No offense, ladies.  But we’ve seen those shots 100,000+ times.

If someone is on the big screen at the game, at least they have the (small) advantage of knowing they’re being featured and can rearrange their expressions accordingly.  But with the TV cameras, we are all truly helpless.

Which is to say, TV networks, that you should really get a little more creative and a little more friendly to your fans while you’re at it.

Please and thank you.  And a $10 tip, just between you and me, because I’m nice like that.

Diamond Girl


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Miracles Do Happen!

I could probably do a three-part serial about all the things I hate about baseball movies, but I will just suffice to say: they are not my thing (you can read what I’ve said on the subject previously here).  At all. At all.  To be fair to them, I haven’t seen that many.  There was Field of Dreams, Sandlot, Eight Men Out and a few others that I have blissfully forgotten about.  Then there was Moneyball.  You know how I felt about that.  (In case you don’t I’ll just say: atrocity.)

The one exception was Rookie of the Year which was admittedly funny, but then I saw it more times than I care to recall (thanks, Little Brother) let’s just say that one’s pretty much ruined.

Which was why I was so intensely skeptical when I read about the film Fever Pitch.  Hey, it looked good but there was just no way in any stratosphere that I could like it.

I toyed with the idea of seeing it, but then delayed as long as I possibly could.  Watched way too many Tim Burton films (I’ve seen, oh, five in the past month or so?) and forgot about it.

But I am something of a Fallon-ite so at last, this past weekend, I got it out of the movie store with shaking fingers.  Let’s pause here to clarify two things.  First- yes, I am the only living person who actually goes to a movie store.  But seriously, you should too because those places are fabulous and occasionally have workers who are as partial to Redwall as you, which is a big plus.  Keep them in business with me, folks.  Other thing is that no, my fingers were not literally shaking.  But I’m trying to dramatize this, so bear with me, please.

And guess what?

 I liked it. 

Yes, I actually really liked it!

You can close your gaping mouth now.  I know, I’m as surprised as you are.  But that’s not a flattering pose anyway.  There were little things that annoyed me, but overall, I totally dug it.  It poked fun at the usual baseball film mold just enough and it was funny and adorable and Fallon was completely fantastic.  Although I completely agreed with Ben (the male lead) when he was heartbroken over missing a big game and sided with him against Lindsey (the female lead).  I’ve been there.  You need someone to comfort you, not get mad at you for not making omelettes with them in their movie-set kitchen.  Seriously, people-dating-baseball-fans.  Take note.

Anyhow, I was very happy, of course, because this goes to show that there is, perhaps, hope for me.    And I got a good movie in the bargain.

I will leave you with this parting quote:

Lindsey: So you don’t have a cell phone, a pager, a BlackBerry nothing? What if some sudden crisis occurs like your father has a heart attack or something?
Ben: My father died two years ago.
Lindsey: Oh, I’m sorry.
Ben: No, actually I just found out this morning so it’s been a rough 24 hours. You know, maybe I should get a cell phone!

See?  A good baseball movie.  Miracles do happen.

Diamond Girl

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Caught Between Rock (Kepp) and a Hard Place (Font)

No offense to Jeff Keppinger and Mike Fontenot, because I’m sure they are both wonderful guys, but do you all know the phrase “between a rock and a hard place”?  The Giants were distinctly there last night, at the (not especially tender) non-tender deadline. 

Because San Fran is apparently really tight on cash these days, they could only keep one of the aforementioned guys and in the end, it was Fontenot.  Personally, I was more partial to Kepp, but I mean, really?  That’s not, er, the most fantastic pool to choose from right there.  In addition to which, they’re pretty much the two people on the roster who I always forgot about, so I’d be lying if I said this move was going to have a big impact on my life.

The other guy they let walk was Eli Whiteside, who I did actually have a bit of an affinity for.  I’m not sure if it was the grey hair or the occasional homerun, but I did like having him on the team.  Then again, you know how I feel about Chris Stewart, so if this means for playing time for him, then I’m happy.  Who knows, Whiteside could get a better gig somewhere else.  Looking for a catcher, Rangers?  I know you are.

Speaking of which, we have a bit of other news in the former-Giant vein!  Aaron Rowand signed a minor league with the (wait for it) Marlins yesterday.  I hope he has a good time in Miami and all but, well, they do have a lot, a lot of players.   I would guess that’s going to be the hardest team to make, out of spring team.   Seeing as they have an 80 man roster or so, what with the players they had before they went on the spending spree and the players they have now.   They’re going to need a couple of planes and buses to take the team anywhere!

And Travis Ishikawa signed a deal with the Brew Crew, which makes me inordinately happy.  Stop it with the Prince Fielder comparisons already, people. Trav (fab nickname, right?) was one of the best pinch hitters in the game in 2010 and I think Milwaukee is lucky to have him around.

Yes, I’m still mad about how the Giants (mis)treated him at the ring ceremony at the beginning of the season.  Take note, Milwaukee.  If you win a championship he needs to be there, uniform and all.  Please and thank you.

In other news, Oakland may soon be entirely team-less with the Warriors mulling a move that would put them side-by-side the Giants, the Raiders talking Santa Clara and the A’s, of course, pushing San Jose.  Nothing seems imminent and the city of Oakland is making their own push now (with a glitzy mock-up featuring a fantastic hotel, no less) but it’s a pretty feeble push on their part.

I’m a Giants fan and all, but it still seems pretty stubborn for the Giants to block the San Jose move so firmly.  Especially if they get the Warriors next door.  Share the love, folks.  There’s room for everybody.  And how much more revenue could they possibly lose?  They’re already too pressed for money to get Kepp and Font, both.

We have a strange train of events playing out here.  But welcome back, Mike Fontenot.  I’m sure I’ll stop forgetting about you when you completely over-perform in 2012.

Diamond Girl

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I Am Not So Sure I Love U, Ryan Braun

First, an admission (I feel like I’m starting my blog posts this way a lot, lately):  when the whole Ryan Braun thing first broke, I read an article in which one of the paragraphs started, “Braun is appealing.”  I, of course, nodded.  Braun is appealing.  I agree.

Then I realized that, well, that wasn’t really (at all) what they meant.

They didn’t mean he was appealing, in that he has fantastic hair and all that.  They meant that he was appealing the 50 game suspension he’s going to face for allegedly using PEDs during the playoffs.

That was sort of an “oops” moment on my end.

Now, of course, the new reports are saying that not only is he appealing, but the substance detected in the test was a banned substance, but not a performance enhancing drug at all.

The mystery, the mystery.

My feelings on HGH and other performance enhancing drugs are pretty black and white: if you do it and are caught, you should face consequences (MLB seems to agree with me on that).  But at the same time, I don’t think that those who are caught shouldn’t be endlessly brought out and picked on and humiliated for it by the media and us bloggers.

Because they could strip Brauny of his MVP and give it to Kemp, but you know what?  Kemp could very well have done something, too.  Not to be completely cynical, but many of them may have (probably did).   I don’t think we’re anywhere near eliminating the issue.

Still, it does make me particularly sad about Braun.  I hope some satisfactory explanation is given and we avoid the suspension deal, but at the same time, that may feel empty and cover-up like.  At the point, I feel like it’s basically a lose-lose.

Speaking of depressing posts.

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Diamond Girl

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