I Just Left This Phone Message for Jon Daniels

Please leave a message after the beep.  (Beep.)

Uh, Mr. Daniels?  It’s me, Diamond Girl.  I’m back.  You may remember me from our you-are-the-Dreamy-Team-GM-no-forget-you-aren’t-okay-you-are-again days.  Yeah.  Those. 

Anyway, today I’m calling to talk to you about something else entirely.  First of all, when you saw my name on the caller ID, why didn’t you pick up?

Second of all (and this one is less important but still), is Nolan Ryan real rich or is Nolan Ryan real rich?  If you or Nolan find that a rude question or whatever, no need to answer, but 51 million is just, well, a lot of money.  Or maybe it isn’t and my perception is warped because the Giants are so seriously (and mysteriously) low-income at the moment.  It’s probably that.

Still, I can’t lie, Jon.  I mean, Mr. Daniels.  I am a little skeptical of Yu.  I mean, Yu and you.  His ERA (an average of 1.72 over the past five years) made me stop and stare- yep, à la Justin Timberlake- but then I get all suspicious and have to say (puts on ESPN commentator voice here), Can he succeed in the US?  Can the Rangers gain the upper hand in the AL West or is it the Angels for-eh-vah and always?

Basically, I just wanted to check in.  In Rangers Management We Trust and all that so if you are feeling good about this, then I can too.  But if you have reservations?  I am always here to talk things out.  My psychology degree is indefinitely pending, but I’m pretty good all the same.  And hey, it might be helpful to both of us.  Seeing as I could use a little talking out about Yu too.

Call me back, m’kay?  And have a Merry/Happy Whatever-Holiday.  I collect Christmas tree ornaments, by the way.  In case you need gift ideas for moi.  Just throwing it out there.



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  1. DG, you must remember that the Giants are still paying off the cost of building phone company of the month ballpark, and will be for a while. Not sure what is better, paying for that or for half of the bankruptcy lawyers in the US.

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