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Peace and Love and Antlers to All + My Resolutions for 2012

I’m sitting here, realizing this is my second New Year’s on my blog (you can see last year’s here, if you are morbidly or otherwise interested), which seems completely bizarre but pretty great at the same time.  Sifting through all this year’s posts yesterday, I realized how much has really gone down here and I’ve loved every moment of it.

So, yes.  Sappiness.  I very much appreciate you all reading (aka, tolerating) my stuff and wish you a very happy new year and hope your tortur—I mean, team of choice does well in 2012.  Provided their name is not Dodgers or Angels or Red Sox or Phillies or Cardinals. (Just kidding, guys.  I will attempt- and perhaps fail, but attempt all the same- to love your team no matter who they are.)

Okay.  Now that that’s out of the way!  Let do the whole resolution thing.

First, last year’s resolutions:

1.  I resolve to visit my grandparents in Los Angeles without fighting over whether Wilson or Broxton is a better closer.  (DID NOT SUCCEED.  ALSO, UNFORTUNATELY, STARTED LOATHING WILSON.)

2.  I resolve to dissolve my life savings and go to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium.  (DID NOT SUCCEED.)

3.  I resolve to carry a sign to an A’s vs. Rangers game and get the object of my sign to autograph it.  (DO NOT SUCCEED.  BUT DID GET A C.J. WILSON AUTOGRAPH, ON THE UPSIDE, THAT PROMPTLY RUBBED OFF, AS SOON AS HE WALKED AWAY.)

4.  I resolve to crash the 2011 GM Meetings.  (DID NOT SUCCEED.)

5.  I resolve to repeat my feat of walking over every inch of AT&T Park in stilettos.  (DID NOT SUCCEED.)

Huh.  Apparently those didn’t go so well.

No matter!  I have a whole new slightly more reasonable batch now and a whole new year (well, whole assuming the world doesn’t, you know, end, seeing as it’s 2012) to get them done.  Here we go:

1.  I will follow Joey Martinez’s career with eagle eyes and be his #1 cheerleader.

2.  I will go to sleep 10+ times to the sound of Jon Miller and Dave Flemming’s voice.

3.  I will paint portraits of all the Giants.  (Okay, fine.  Probably not.)

4.  I will finally, completely, actually finish A Band of Misfits. Yes, I got it after the 2010 season.  Yes, I have not finished it.  Yes, it’s still sitting on top of my bookshelf.  Yes, I am not exactly motivated.

5.  I will covert my fish into a baseball fan.  It can be done.  I have faith.

See?  Are those awesome or are those awesome?  And kinda-sorta potentially achievable, too.  I am also going to try to call Brian Sabean until his phone message quota cracks, but I’m trying to make this list mega-achievable and all that so I left that one off.

On another note, I have to warn you that I will probably post an enormous number of posts next year if I continue on my current track record, which is 71 in 2010 and 245 this year.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Anyhow, Happy New Year once more!  Let’s all make 2012 fabulous, shall we?

Diamond Girl


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Curious About How Weird Trends Like Cinnamon Roasted Walnuts and the Despicable Me Balloon Scene Started? Look No Further.

The mini-vacay is over!  All I ever dream about now is Jack Bauer threatening to shoot me and Alec Baldwin being my evil boss (which is to say, I spent the vacay watching old episodes of 24 and 30 Rock) and I’ve also spent an unreasonable amount of time meditating on the 2011 baseball season.

I am refreshed and ready to write.  (Sort of.)

I figured I’ll deal with the New Year Resolutions tomorrow- procrastination?  Heck yes.- and today go over some of the big baseball moments from the past year.  That is, big baseball moments from this blog right here.  Best Diamond Girl moments might be a more appropriate title.  Ready?  Okay, here we go.

Phew.  Okay.  The year, in a nutshell.  Say what you will about my list, I will bet it was better than some of those Yahoo stories they’re spamming my with right now.

So what was your favorite baseball moment from 2011?  Or, better still, favorite Diamond Girl moment?

Diamond Girl Herself

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Do Not Disturb, Diamond Girl Is On a Mini-Vacay

Happy non-denominational holidays, y’all.  I am drowning in buckets of raspberry tea due to a nasty cold and searching the face of the earth for the perfect mini tree, so I must take a mini-vacay.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to man (woman?) up and be brave and look back at last year’s new year resolutions before 2011 is out.  It may not be pretty.

Then again, it may be.  So you should probably stay tuned and enjoy all the fantastic food you will be offered for the time of year.  It is a crime to refuse that, people.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  That is, if I can stay away.  If my head threatens to explode due to not talking about Beltran, then I may blog after all.  Consider yourself forewarned.

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I Just Left This Phone Message for Jon Daniels

Please leave a message after the beep.  (Beep.)

Uh, Mr. Daniels?  It’s me, Diamond Girl.  I’m back.  You may remember me from our you-are-the-Dreamy-Team-GM-no-forget-you-aren’t-okay-you-are-again days.  Yeah.  Those. 

Anyway, today I’m calling to talk to you about something else entirely.  First of all, when you saw my name on the caller ID, why didn’t you pick up?

Second of all (and this one is less important but still), is Nolan Ryan real rich or is Nolan Ryan real rich?  If you or Nolan find that a rude question or whatever, no need to answer, but 51 million is just, well, a lot of money.  Or maybe it isn’t and my perception is warped because the Giants are so seriously (and mysteriously) low-income at the moment.  It’s probably that.

Still, I can’t lie, Jon.  I mean, Mr. Daniels.  I am a little skeptical of Yu.  I mean, Yu and you.  His ERA (an average of 1.72 over the past five years) made me stop and stare- yep, à la Justin Timberlake- but then I get all suspicious and have to say (puts on ESPN commentator voice here), Can he succeed in the US?  Can the Rangers gain the upper hand in the AL West or is it the Angels for-eh-vah and always?

Basically, I just wanted to check in.  In Rangers Management We Trust and all that so if you are feeling good about this, then I can too.  But if you have reservations?  I am always here to talk things out.  My psychology degree is indefinitely pending, but I’m pretty good all the same.  And hey, it might be helpful to both of us.  Seeing as I could use a little talking out about Yu too.

Call me back, m’kay?  And have a Merry/Happy Whatever-Holiday.  I collect Christmas tree ornaments, by the way.  In case you need gift ideas for moi.  Just throwing it out there.



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In Which I Twist an NY Times Article to My (Baseball) Motives

Everyone’s getting all end-of the-year now and the NY Times is no exception.  Neither am I, for that matter, as you will see below.

The Times had an article yesterday titled Reliving the Best (and Worst) Ads of 2011 and it’s actually (yes, I’m surprised.  I’m not the biggest Times fan myself.) a good, fun piece with the fantastic details of each campaign’s ad agency, when they could sleuth it out.  I probably just liked it because it mentioned my favorite Chrysler campaign, but that’s beside that point.

Anyhow, me being me who brings everything back to baseball, I got thinking about the whole “Together, We’re Giant” thing.  I thought that tagline for the season was absolutely terrible- it basically left me wondering whether to laugh hysterically or cry hysterically- but some of the TV commercials connected to it were, admittedly, completely wonderful.

I went back and looked and found my absolute favorite moment:

(You can watch it here.)

This is, of course, more than a teensy bit bittersweet, seeing as neither Andres Torres or Cody Ross are Giants anymore, but the whole cuticles thing is probably the only reason I stuck with the Giants all last season and through this offseason.

Come on, I’m just kidding! 

Sort of.

Which is to say, for all those people listing all the big moments they will remember Torres and Ross for?  This is mine.

Diamond Girl

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