The Truth You Haven’t Been Hearing About CJ and the Rangers

You’ve probably been hearing that the Rangers don’t-have-enough-money-think-they’re-good-without-CJ-just-aren’t-interested.  But the truth is something quite different and, in fact, quite peculiar.  It has to do with an iPhone app and a long-forgotten interview clip with Wilson himself.  What is it?  Read on.

(And yes), it took a whole bunch of super sleuthing on my part to find it out.  I’m channeling my inner James Bond rather well these days, huh?)

Do you remember way back when the media couldn’t get enough of the Rangers playing Words With Friends in the clubhouse?  And they interviewed CJ over and over (and over) about his genius intelligence and absolute brilliance at the game?  Yeah.  And in one of those interviews that I remember distinctly but can’t really (at all) find.  [Update:  thanks to the wonderful @cat4d1 on Twitter, we have the clip!  You can watch it here.]  CJ says: “He [Jon Daniels] was really frustrated that I beat him the first time, so… we’ll see.  Hopefully it doesn’t, you know, complicate the contract negotiations next year.”  We all laughed.  It was funny.  It was a joke.  Or so we thought.

But then he became a free agent and there were the Rangers and JD; distinctly, well, chilly about him.

At which point I leapt to my feet and stuttered excitedly, “It was the… it was the… the… game!  Words With Friends!”  And while everyone around me was completely puzzled, I was and still am confident that I have hit the jackpot.

I can’t decide if I suspect it was CJ or Daniels who made the mega-move, but someone here is a sore loser and I am inclined to suspect CJ.  Either way, this just goes to show that GMs and players should keep their distance or else be prepared for the consequences.

Or, at least, play Hanging With Friends by the same creators because it is seriously a lot more fun.

This is, of course, the scoop you come to my blog for.  You’re welcome

007 (Diamond Girl)

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